Daily Nail: Preschool Rainbow ThrowUp

On Friday night, I decided to go all out and go crazy on my nails. I have no skills and no tools, so anything I attempt right now will look awful, but I at least like the colors and the randomness. On Instagram, I mentioned that this looks like a preschooler drew on me. I actually started out wanting to do pandas, but I did a practice panda with my toothpick, and it looked really bad/scary, so then, I just defaulted to THIS!

This weekend I got to see lots of friends. On Saturday, I had lunch and hung out at the mall with Mars, Josh, Miss P, and Manda.  On Sunday, I got to see Elysse, Vivs, and Oliver for a Yummy You! photoshoot. We’re trying to get the online store up ASAP! Woohoo!

9 Comments on “Daily Nail: Preschool Rainbow ThrowUp”

  • These are pretty amazing, and I’m awed by your ambidextrous skills!

  • wow…I absolutely suck at doing my nails on top of that I don’t have the patience to let them dry, so they ALWAYS get messed up! These look adorable! I gotta say though…the blue one with the flowers is done REALLY good!

  • Annie


    I love the rose floral print!

  • Jessica


    very good! my sis does a LOT of nail art, and she will be impressed at your super awesome randomness manicure! I try to do nail art and suck at it. I love the floral print!

  • Artemis


    thats really boss, twinkie…. preschool throwup on your nails can be cool…lol! the roses are perfect!

  • Yasmine


    The roses are definitely my favourite!!

  • Monica Morrison


    Twinkie….when will you be in L.A. again?

    • TwinkieChan


      Hi! I don’t know. I don’t have any trips or events planned there at the moment!

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