Ginormous Yummy You! ad in Nylon Magazine! (February issue)

So, my big face (3 times) is lurking in your Nylon Mag this month! Go pick up a copy! It’s the February issue with Selena Gomez on the cover.

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 4.06.35 AM


Sorry for crappy iPhone pics! I keep avoiding having to futz with my new scanner!

I made this ad past the ad deadline while all these Nylon people were waiting for me. Initially, another Yummy You! ad designed by my licensee was supposed to go in that space to promote a new collaboration. The collaboration is still happening, but at the time of the ad deadline, all the paperwork still wasn’t complete, so at the end of the day when the ad was due, I was asked to create a new ad on my end just for general Yummy You! product, but RIGHT AWAY, since everyone was already waiting. My team had some quick ideas for a photo to substitute in and what layout to use so that I could produce this ad super quickly, but the photo and logos and everything weren’t really working inside the magazine specs, and the poop was hitting my mental fan, since I knew people were waiting, and I kept getting emailed to SEND SEND SEND. So I had to scratch the team’s idea completely and just kind of randomly create another one on the spot, based on photos I use on my business card. I really hadn’t had time to organize any cute photoshoots for emergencies such as these, so I felt especially flustered. I don’t know anything about laying stuff out properly, and I don’t even think things are aligned and centered properly, but for having to bust it all out at the last minute and not knowing what I was doing, I think it turned out ok! I was really worried about typos because I was so frazzled!

It’s kind of funny, because as you flip through the magazine, it’s all kind of cool and grown up, and then you are hit in the face with a big punch of pink and bubble lettering. It kind of seems out of place, but in a way, I guess that has been my mission all along: to give everyone permission to wear cute colors and cute things, and that age shouldn’t determine what is ok for us to wear as long as we are having fun! Cute is cool!

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