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Free Crochet Pattern: Teddy Bear Ear Warmer for Dogs

I saw the most adorable photo on Instagram posted by yayoichang of two French bulldogs in some cute headgear. I then knew it was my mission in life to crochet one for Bibi! I tried to leave the pattern pretty … Continue reading

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Free Pattern: Conversation Heart Garland

I know you’re like, “It’s not even Christmas yet! Why are you posting a Valentine’s Day pattern?” Because the February issue of Crochet Today magazine is out today and includes a “Favorite Blogger” feature of me, plus a link to … Continue reading

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New Pattern on Etsy: Cherry Pie Tissue Box Cozy!

My Cherry Pie Tissue Box Cozy crochet pattern is now available on Etsy! I worked really hard to re-vamp the lattice pie crust on top so that it’s less clunky and less┬ácumbersome. I’m really happy with this little makeover! The … Continue reading

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Free Crochet Pattern + Video Tutorial: Candy Garland or Candy Ornaments

This pattern is pretty much the easiest pattern ever: it’s a rectangle. ┬áThe end. It’s great for beginners! Great for kids! Host a holiday crochet party where everyone makes one crocheted candy and then string them all together to create … Continue reading

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National Cotton Candy Day! & Crochet Pattern! (oldie but goodie)

Well, I had no idea today was going to be National Cotton Candy Day until I saw a few people, like Pee Wee Herman, post about it! I just wanted to remind you guys that I have a free pattern … Continue reading

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