New Crochet Pattern: Hot Dog Scarf in Homespun Magazine!

2015HomespunSmallI’ve been dying to tell you guys about this pattern for the longest time, and now it is finally out! In the September special food issue of Homespun Magazine, you can find a crochet pattern for a Hot Dog Scarf by me! They specifically asked for this project, and I whipped it up just for them. The bonus is that the pattern is great for beginners!

If you are in Australia, you’ll be able to find the magazine at major retailers, but if you’re not, you can always download it digitally to your phone or device! Just hit up this link for info! (LINK. GET IT!?? HOT DOGS.)

While scanning in the pages, I flipped through the issue, and there are so many fun projects inside. Homespun is really an awesome craft magazine!

5 Comments on “New Crochet Pattern: Hot Dog Scarf in Homespun Magazine!”

  • janye bone


    Hi I was just wandering if you was going to sell hot dog scarf as a pattern Ive been searching everywhere for a pattern and cant seem to find one and I cant find the magazine that you have the pattern in. Thanks for your time and any help you can give me. Janye

    • TwinkieChan


      Hi Janye! The magazine has an exclusive for a few months, and then I’ll post it on Etsy 🙂

      • Bianca


        I want to know how to make the hot dog purse! Do you have a pattern because I really want to make it BADLY!!

  • Emily


    Hi Twinkie! I wondered if you will be posting your pattern for this hot dog scarf on Etsy soon? I unfortunately cannot attain a copy of the Homespun Magazine, and I read that you would post it after a few months. (I guess that was almost a year ago! I’m bad at keeping up with current events!) Anyway, I wondered if you’ll be posting the pattern on your Etsy soon! Thanks! 🙂

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