Free Crochet Pattern & Video Tutorial: Pumpkin Pie Brooch (and tissue holder!)

PumpkinPieThumbI polled you guys on Facebook to see what kind of Thanksgiving-themed crochet tutorial you’d like to see, and I got a lot of votes for a turkey drumstick as well as some form of pumpkin pie. The turkey drumstick would be easy, as the pattern already exists and I wouldn’t have to write anything, but hey, I like a fun(ny) new project and thought maybe you would, too!

I decided to turn this little pumpkin pie brooch (or hair clip, for the adventurous) into a hiding place for some sheets of tissue, and the tissue also doubles as the whipped cream dollop for the pie! You know, this will come in super handy at your holiday feast, if someone randomly drops some stuffing on the floor, or if someone has some gravy on their face. YOU COULD BE THE THANKSGIVING HERO. YOU’RE WELCOME.

pumpkin collage(Pattern also includes the option of stuffing the brooch with Polyfill and not having any tissue come out of it…)

There’s also a video tutorial on YouTube for ya.



What You’ll Need:

– Worsted weight yarn in a rusty orange color. I’m using Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Rust.

-Worsted weight yarn in beige. I’m using Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Beige.

– Worsted weight yarn in White. I’m using Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in White. You’ll only need white if you don’t want to use your pie as a Kleenex holder.

– H8/5.00mm crochet hook

– polyfill stuffing OR a couple sheets of tissue/Kleenex

– scissors

– tapestry needle

– optional: pinback or small hair clip



BLO: back loops only
ch(s): chain(s)
dc: double crochet
sc: single crochet
sk: skip
sl st: slip stitch
st(s): stitch(es)
YO: yarn over
(   ): work everything in the parentheses into the next st
[   ]: work everything in the brackets the number of times indicated


Top of Pie

With Rust, ch 2.

Row 1: Sk 1st ch, 2 sc in 2nd ch. (2)

Row 2: Ch 1, turn. 1 sc in each st. (2)

Row 3: Ch 1, turn. (2 sc) 2 times. (4)

Row 4: Ch 1, turn. 1 sc in each st. (4)

Row 5: Ch 1, turn. (2 sc), 2 sc, (2 sc). (6)

Rows 6  – 7: Ch 1, turn. 1 sc in each st. (6)

Row 8: Ch 1, turn. (2 sc), 4 sc, (2 sc). (8)

Rows 9 – 10: 1 sc in each st. (8)

Row 11: Ch 1, turn. (2 sc), 6 sc, (2 sc). (10)

Rows 12 – 13: Ch 1, turn. 1 sc in each st. (10)

Row 14: Ch 1, turn. (2 sc), 8 sc, (2 sc). (12)

Row 15: Ch 1, turn. 4 sc, ch 4 and sk 4 sts, 4 sc. (12)


Row 16: Ch 1, turn. 1 sc in each st. (12)

Row 17: Ch 1, turn. (2 sc), 10 sc, (2 sc). (14)

Rows 18 – 19: Ch 1, turn. 1 sc in each st. (14)

You should now have a triangle with a slit in it. The slit will be the opening for your tissue dollop.

Do not break off.



Sides of Pie

You will now work in sc around 2 sides of the triangle to start building the sides of the pie filling. The top or 3rd side will be worked in Beige later.

Row 1: Ch 1 and work 1 sc into the side of each row of Top of Pie. Since there were 19 rows and 2 sides of the triangle, you will work 38 sc evenly. (38)


Rows 2 – 5: Ch 1, and turn. 1 sc in each st. (38)

Break off and weave in ends.


Bottom of Pie

With Beige, ch 2.

Repeat Rows 1 – 14 of Top of Pie.

Row 15: Ch 1, turn. 1 sc in each st. (12)

Rows 16 – 19 : Repeat Rows 16 – 19 of Top of Pie. (14)

You will now have a triangle with no slit in it. Break off and weave in ends.


Pie Crust

With Beige, ch 15.

Row 1: Sk 1st ch and work 14 sc evenly across. (14)

Rows 2 – 5: Ch 1, turn. 1 sc each in st. (14)

Ch 2, turn.

You are going to create a scallop for the crust as well as begin joining all the sections of the pie together.

Place Pie Crust behind Top of Pie. You will be crocheting together Row 19 of Top of Pie to Row 6 of Pie Crust that you are about to work.

pp4smRow 6: YO and insert hook through 1st st of Row 19 of Top of Pie as well as Pie Crust. Complete 1 dc, ch 2, and sl st into same st. [Sl st into next st, ch 2, 1 dc, ch 2, sl st into same st] 13 times into the remaining 14 sts.

pp5smYou will now single crochet together the sides of  Sides of Pie and Pie Crust. Since each is 5 rows long, you will work 5 sc through both layers.

pp6smNow it’s time to join Bottom of Pie. Place Bottom of Pie underneath your work. You will crochet Row 5 of Sides of Pie to the edges of Bottom of Pie, which means you will work 38 sc total.

pp7smpp8smpp9smThen you will single crochet together the last side of Sides of Pie and Pie Crust with 5 sc evenly. Sl st to next to join. Break off and weave in all ends.

pp10smThere is a gap in the crust, and this is for you to insert your Kleenex. If you just want to stuff your pie with Polyfil, then do so now, and sew up this gap.


If you are using Kleenex, I was able to fit about three sheets in there, and I gently pulled a bit of the Kleenex out of the slit on top.

Here’s a quick pattern for crocheted whipped cream if you aren’t going Kleenex route.

Whipped Cream

With White, ch 25.

Row 1: Sk 1st ch, work 1 sc in each remaining ch. (24)

Break off leaving about 18 inches for sewing.

All you’re going to do is tie a loose knot in the center, and then tie another loose knot. Sew down the tiny ends, and then sew the Whipped Cream to the top of your Pie.


*The instructions for this project are for personal use only. Please do not copy, re-distribute, or sell these instructions or the items you make using these instructions without my permission. Thank you!*
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