Free Crochet Pattern & Video Tutorial: Pumpkin Pie Brooch (and tissue holder!)

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I polled you guys on Facebook to see what kind of Thanksgiving-themed crochet tutorial you’d like to see, and I got a lot of votes for a turkey drumstick as well as some form of pumpkin pie. The turkey drumstick would be easy, as the pattern already exists and I wouldn’t have to write anything, but hey, I like a fun(ny) new project and thought maybe you would, too! I decided to turn this little pumpkin pie brooch (or hair clip, for the adventurous) into a hiding place for some sheets of tissue, and the tissue also doubles as the whipped cream dollop for the pie! You know, this will come in super handy at your holiday feast, if someone randomly drops some stuffing on the floor, or if someone has some gravy on their face. YOU COULD BE THE THANKSGIVING HERO. YOU’RE WELCOME. (Pattern also includes the option of stuffing the brooch with Polyfill and not having any tissue come out of it…) There’s also a video tutorial on YouTube for ya.

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WIWT (party dress!)

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So there it is. It’s for my boss’ charity event, and she requests formal full-length gowns, but, I also wanted something I’d be able to wear more than once (I’m not really a full-length kinda gal). Any suggestions about accessorizing and styling are completely welcome. That’s just how I have my hair today, and then I threw on pearls at the last second but am not married to the idea. I don’t really want to buy new shoes, so I’ll just have to stick with what I have around the house! I am thinking I may try my clip-in hair extensions for this night, but I don’t know yet. I DO need to touch up my roots, tho! Wish I were brave enough to do that myself at home! Earlier this morning, I was doing this: And that’s what I’ll be doing more of right now, and maybe take a “break” to work on my taxes. I’m really into rosettes right now!

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VLOG: Warsh Your Genitals

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(p.s. for those in the medical profession, I did say “nitrates” instead of “nitrites. Oops. Doh.)

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WIWT, cookies, & pups

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My long-sleeved kitty dress by I’m Your Present! I am trying to be REAAAAAALLY good at not buy anything from her for a bit (or any clothing at the moment)! Today I finished baking up the peppermint swirl cookies. At first I wanted to bring them to my folks’ house on Xmas day, but I ran out of time and the dough has been in the fridge. I finally rolled up the layers and stuck them in the oven! I found the dough not too pliable, even after I left it out to warm for a bit, and everything kept crackling and crumbling!!! So I ended up with a bit of air in my layers, which is sad (holes in cookies!). Also, I didn’t really prefer the flavor. I think I need it sweeter and more pepperminty! Also I’ve never ever worked with nonpareils before AND THEY GET EVERYWHERES!!!!!!! Today I also caught the pups cuddling in front of the space heater. Sorry it’s so dark. Bibi’s face is resting on Bunny for a while until Bibi gets curious and decides to come over and say hi. Aside from baking cookies, I ended up eating a peanut butter brownie and left over stuffing today. I LOVE LEFTOVER STUFFING!!! What is your favorite holiday leftover?

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WIWT & Lessons from 90210

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So, every day, at 2pm and 3pm, if I am home, I watch re-runs of Beverly Hills, 90210. I have learned many important lessons from 90210, such as, if you are being held in your room by a rapist, and somebody comes to visit randomly, and the rapist tells you to make the person go away, you say through the closed door, “I have a migraine! I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Matty!!!!” And then that person will know to grab the baseball bat by the front door, barge into your bedroom, and put the smash down on your rapist. How did the person know? Because you never call him MATTY. Thank you, Donna Martin! Today’s lesson was in controlling dramas and violence. Don’t let someone talk you into a fight. You are bigger than that. How do you let them know? YOU “SQUASH IT.” This is how it is done. End of confrontation! And you still look “cool,” so don’t worry….. Okay, and today’s WIWT is from taking photos for new choco chip cookie mitts to go up on Black Friday. Kitty tank top: from a shop in Hong Kong Mini skirt: Leggings: I think from Urban Outfitters a few years ago Socks: I have no idea! Cookie Mitts: ME! Necklace: Shoes: Marc Jacobs

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My Dogs vs. The Garden Hose

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Bibi used to bark at the hose, but now she just wants to chase it and snap at it. Now that we have Bunny, I think Bibi’s insanity for the hose has increased!

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Coco-Nauts, away!

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I had a crafty date with Manda this morning. I brought bananas and yogurt and made a coconut-cake kleenexbox cozy. Just before leaving: And a few moments ago back at home, giving the loops a trim to turn them into coconut shreds!

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More Bibi on YouTube!

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When a lot of people see Bibi, she is going crazy and acting like a lunatic because she gets excited about seeing people and other dogs. I guess I just also really appreciate how mellow, sweet, and loving she is, which then makes me totally obsessed with filming her when we’re at home. Here we are from today, after I made mini English Muffin pizzas and after she had a sardine snack. I am sure our breaths were really delicious. For a while she is on my lap, obsessed with eating her own foot. About two minutes in, we hold hands, and then at the end, she tucks in for a napplebee. I will be posting up some old buttons and tees, and NEW hoodies and SWEATPANTS as soon as I learn how to edit my own webstore :). xoxo

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