WIWT (party dress!)

WIWT 1.28.09

So there it is. It’s for my boss’ charity event, and she requests formal full-length gowns, but, I also wanted something I’d be able to wear more than once (I’m not really a full-length kinda gal).

Any suggestions about accessorizing and styling are completely welcome. That’s just how I have my hair today, and then I threw on pearls at the last second but am not married to the idea. I don’t really want to buy new shoes, so I’ll just have to stick with what I have around the house! I am thinking I may try my clip-in hair extensions for this night, but I don’t know yet. I DO need to touch up my roots, tho! Wish I were brave enough to do that myself at home!

Earlier this morning, I was doing this:

And that’s what I’ll be doing more of right now, and maybe take a “break” to work on my taxes.

I’m really into rosettes right now!


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