I’m part of Unique Vintage’s Style Society!


Surprise! For the next 3 months, I’ll be part of Unique Vintage‘s Style Society. (Image plucked from Unique Vintage’s blog!) This means I’ll be showing you guys some cute outfits I’ll put together from pieces from their shop. If you are not familiar with UV, they specialize in retro and vintage clothing. I think I might’ve bought a dress from them years and years ago to attend my former boss’ charity gala, but I guess I didn’t say where I got that from, so it will remain a mystery! I know I’m not generally a vintage/retro gal when it comes to my outfits (I do dabble on occasion), so I think it will be really fun to try incorporating more into my wardrobe!

Anyway, I have been really bad about blogging outfits lately because A) crappy phone-cam Instagram photos have replaced outfit blog posts, and Instagram is just easy and fast, with quality not being an issue for me there, but mostly B) I kinda lost my go-to in-house locations for good outfit photos. I used to shoot a lot in my dining room, but now my dining room is my craft room and there’s less room and more clutter. My yard is really ugly, so that’s not so much an option. I was thinking maybe in front of my books where the light is better, but there’s not a lot of space. If someone can recommend a good camera lens to get for small spaces, that would be really rad! I have a Canon T3i.

Regardless, contributing to the Style Society will really kick my butt in gear to get my outfit-photo-set-up sorted out. More soon! Also do hit up the UV blog to check out the other Style Society gals. I’m already really enjoying one of their blogs, and actually accidentally ran into her blog today while image-searching Buxom lip gloss swatches :P.

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  • Cami


    This looks really cool and I am liking what I see. I will definitely check out UV. Fun! I used to do vintage clothing all the time in the 90s.

  • Absolutely love this collaboration! Your brilliant and playful designs constantly carry such joy, and seeing them paired with Unique Vintage’s retro patterns is a fit made in trend heaven. The photographs are stunning, taking pictures the essence of exciting and whimsy in each stitch. It’s a pleasant fusion of creativity and nostalgia that is certainly inspiring. Can’t wait to see greater magical collaborations like this in the future!

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