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Knee deep in work. Just say hi to The Bibi!

No bells n whistles. Just Bibi! Almost done with my big order (big for me). YAY! And then to some quick Halloween surprises for the shop! Trying hard to get better at time management and personal production deadlines. This Saturday … Continue reading

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Black Forest Cake eBay Auction!

Sneaking in a 5-day! Also, while photoshopping for the auction, I had to take a break and photoshop this: Being addicted to silly photos of your dog is better than being addicted to drugs, right? Right??….

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Milk N Puppies

I just felted a milk carton “Cute-ility Pack.” Those are my felting gloves. I never knew the wonders of dishwashing gloves before I started felting. They protect you from super hot water, and the nubs also provide perfect friction!!! That … Continue reading

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My Dogs vs. The Garden Hose

Bibi used to bark at the hose, but now she just wants to chase it and snap at it. Now that we have Bunny, I think Bibi’s insanity for the hose has increased!

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More Bibi on YouTube!

When a lot of people see Bibi, she is going crazy and acting like a lunatic because she gets excited about seeing people and other dogs. I guess I just also really appreciate how mellow, sweet, and loving she is, … Continue reading

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