WIWT & Lessons from 90210

So, every day, at 2pm and 3pm, if I am home, I watch re-runs of Beverly Hills, 90210.

I have learned many important lessons from 90210, such as, if you are being held in your room by a rapist, and somebody comes to visit randomly, and the rapist tells you to make the person go away, you say through the closed door, “I have a migraine! I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Matty!!!!” And then that person will know to grab the baseball bat by the front door, barge into your bedroom, and put the smash down on your rapist. How did the person know? Because you never call him MATTY. Thank you, Donna Martin!

Today’s lesson was in controlling dramas and violence. Don’t let someone talk you into a fight. You are bigger than that. How do you let them know? YOU “SQUASH IT.” This is how it is done.

End of confrontation! And you still look “cool,” so don’t worry…..

Okay, and today’s WIWT is from taking photos for new choco chip cookie mitts to go up on Black Friday.

WIWT 11.26.08

Kitty tank top: from a shop in Hong Kong
Mini skirt: www.HeidiSeeker.com
Leggings: I think from Urban Outfitters a few years ago
Socks: I have no idea!
Cookie Mitts: ME!
Necklace: www.KidPirate.com
Shoes: Marc Jacobs

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