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eating at work

I’ve been down at the office earlier than usual, and I clearly kind of panic over what to bring to eat.


Activia Yogurt: Seems kind of runny and thin.
Nature Valley Oats n Honey granola bar: One of my fav bar-shaped foods!
Fuji Apple: from our order
Ferrero Rocher: Fine Hazelnut chocolates from Hairy! I told him during a commercial that I was into horrible holiday chocolates, e.g. ALMOND ROCA!!!!!!!!!!

But now it’s freezing in the office and I seem to be craving hot, oily, bad pizza a la Domino’s.


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Also, because of aforementioned freezing office, I moved my space heater to the desk I was covering for our admin/asst, and I blew a fuse. I heard the powering-down sound of electronic equipment dying, but I had no idea what I’d killed.

When the receptionist came in at noon, she said, “Oh no, my computer won’t turn on!” And then I told her why……

We had to go bug the dudes and dudettes in an office downstairs to help us open the electrical closet. Then we realized I’d killed the copy and fax machine, too.

No more space heaters! They make the office explode.

Now I’m back at home. Last night I finished some chocolate chip cookie hats (they are cute! but i don’t know if i can model them because i look really bad in hats) and right now I’m working on a scarf to go with the gingerbread fanny packs. I was going to post an update to the shop this week, but maybe that’s not the greatest idea if people are prepping their turkeys!

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