FreeFor24Hrs: Heart Donuts Crochet Pattern (and video!)

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EDIT: The Heart Donut pattern is now available in my Etsy shop. Thank you!! <3 But also…now there’s a video tutorial! YAY! And p.s., it seems like this pattern, out of all my patterns, is getting some comments from people who are having trouble getting the right result. It would seem that a common issue is that people are not reading (3 sc) as “3 sc in the next stitch.” In my abbreviations, I note that anything inside of the parentheses is to be worked in the next stitch, just as (2 sc) is how I denote a regular increase. So please do read through the abbreviations and special stitches before beginning this or any of my projects. Thank you!  I wasn’t planning on putting this on my blog for a FreeFor24Hrs promo, but in light of some bummer personal news today as well as a general state of WTF political affairs,  I thought it would be nice to spread some free love. Be kind to each other out there. <3 Here’s the link. It will only be available for the next 24 hrs, and then off the pattern goes to my Etsy shop :).

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FreeFor24Hrs Crochet Pattern: Burger Scarf

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Burger Scarf crochet pattern is now FreeFor24Hrs until I put it in my Etsy shop for sale! Again, I like to offer some patterns free for 24 hours to say thank you to those of you who support me on my blog and on social media :). Click here to get the PDF! Edit: Burger Scarf crochet pattern is now listed in my Etsy shop :). P.S. I am always open to feedback about my patterns. For instance, I have been keeping the resolution on the photos fairly low in order to keep the files small, but do you prefer higher quality photos and a larger file? Let me know!

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FreeFor24Hrs Crochet Pattern: Hot Dog Scarf

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I’m often kinda torn between posting all my patterns for free or putting them up on Etsy. And then if I distinguish between which patterns I put where….. I think some lines start to get blurry. While I love sharing inspiration and projects, I feel like my time and ideas are valuable, too, and while I have wonderful blog sponsors, it’s not like I make that much money from my blog nor do I post content often enough to make that logical. Pattern-selling in general is probably not going to ever be a living wage for me, but I do think that there is worth to our designs. I’m also not at the point yet where I want random advertising popping all over my blog. So, yes, this is a long rant. Sorry about that! I tend to over-share, but I’m still just trying to figure everything out, to get you guys the patterns you like, and to also make sure it is worth my time and energy and that I can pay for my wifi etc etc! 😛 For now, for scarf patterns in particular, I like the “FreeFor24Hrs” format. It’s like a “thank you” to the people who follow my blog and social media. This is a fairly easy pattern, and sometimes I like putting the easy patterns up for free, but since it’s also a scarf, I do like the idea of keeping all my signature scarves on Etsy. Again, I’m still playing with all of this. tl;dr   Edit: FreeFor24Hrs is now over! Thanks so much, everyone! Find the pattern now in my Etsy shop. It was originally commissioned by Homespun Magazine last Fall, so if you were not able to get the magazine, now you can get the pattern!

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