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Daily Nail: Toadstools and Glitter Grass!

  I haven’t done my nails in a little while, but on Friday, Manda came over, and we went on a 5 mile walk around Lake Merced, and then painted our nails and watched Coyote Ugly! I saw some mushroom … Continue reading

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Today’s Nail: Cotton Candy Polka Dots

  Here’s a few shots of my current mani!! I was trying to have more control over my polka dots, and I think I am sorta getting better at them   Sorry about my really dry hands and horrible cuticles! … Continue reading

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Daily Nail: Black/White Happy/NotSoHappy

I repeat: I am probably the sloppiest, laziest, lamest nail-painter ever, but I enjoy it so much!!! I did these nails really super quick for Manda’s MFA graduation last week. I have been craving a black polish for a while, … Continue reading

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Daily Nail: Rainbow Sherbet Love!

Inspired by the next Michaels.com crochet pattern I’m working on … I decided to use rainbow sherbet colors for my nails. I also decided to try using washi tape for the first time to create stripes and hearts. I really … Continue reading

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It’s Vacation Time!

I just finished giving myself my vacation mani! We are off to New Zealand and Australia for the next two weeks. I loaded up my Kindle with a kabillion books. I’ll try to blog a little here and there with … Continue reading

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