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Daily Nail: Girlie Glitter

In my search to find a readymade, awesome looking Jawbreaker nail polish, I came across Hard Candy by PrettyPolishnThings.  I know there is also a polish actually called Jawbreaker by Pretty & Polished (these company names are a bit similar eh…?), … Continue reading

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Daily Nail: Jawbreaker Candy!

After giving Bibi a bath, I decided to paint my nailz! I’d been wanting to try a jawbreaker-inspired mani. If I did this again, I would use fewer flecks of color and leave out the pink. Sorry these are horrible … Continue reading

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Pink, Blue, and MOOOOO!

I just got my first set of Moo cards today. I love that you can pick a different image for all 50 cards. That’s pretty cool! Here is a small sample. They all have the same bright blue back with … Continue reading

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