Daily Nail: Girlie Glitter

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In my search to find a readymade, awesome looking Jawbreaker nail polish, I came across Hard Candy by PrettyPolishnThings.  I know there is also a polish actually called Jawbreaker by Pretty & Polished (these company names are a bit similar eh…?), but from looking at swatches, I wanted my glitter to come out a bit brighter and less milky. If you click on the Etsy listing for Hard Candy, I would say that the first/main photo is a bit misleading and the other photos are more realistic, as far as how milky the glitter goes underneath the white polish. This was about 3 coats. I liked the result, and it reminded me of marshmallow cereal in milk, but it seemed a bit difficult for me catch the bigger glitter on my brush. Perhaps more aggressive shaking is necessary! The blue and pink polishes (also 3 coats) are GLITTER PACKED. They are both by Rainbow Honey from the Equestria collection. Blue = 20% Cooler. Pink = Pinkie Promise.  I was really impressed with the density of glitter in both bottles, plus I really like that Rainbow Honey offers mini bottles if you just want to try a color. I wish the site would show swatches on nails, though. That would be cool! The blue in 20% Cooler isn’t quite as BLUE as I’d hoped from the photo on their site, but I guess that’s what keeps the glitter so … glittery. Next time I might do a base layer of blue or white underneath first. All in all, I am feeling very glitter-tastic, and I do not look forward to having to remove the glitter crust from my nails!

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Daily Nail: Jawbreaker Candy!

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After giving Bibi a bath, I decided to paint my nailz! I’d been wanting to try a jawbreaker-inspired mani. If I did this again, I would use fewer flecks of color and leave out the pink. Sorry these are horrible phone cam pics, and sorry I didn’t clean up the messy nail polish yet! I am going to L.A. tomorrow for 24 hours just to see the Sweet Tooth show, and I haven’t really packed or prepared yet and it’s 2am!  I also JUST realized that I accidentally booked a SMOKING room and they are already out of non-smoking! Crossing my fingers that when I arrive there, there might be a cancelation or something… Okay back to the nails! This mani is super duper easy peasy. A couple coats of white for the background. Red, yellow, and blue polish. A couple toothpicks. And you’re set! Just dip your toothpick into a color and then tap and drag it in dots all over your nails, some big, some small. The messier the better, I think!  You don’t even have to wait for the first color to dry because even if the colors mix a little, it’s ok! As easy as this is, my right hand still looks a thousand times crappier than my left hand. Oh well! Enjoy! I do know there are glitter polishes out there that are meant to resemble jawbreakers as well. After picking through some images online, I ordered two! We’ll see how it compares! Don’t forget to come say hi at Backside in Echo Park tomorrow for the Sweet Tooth show 🙂 8pm! Please forgive me if I smell like a thousand cigarettes :(.

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Pink, Blue, and MOOOOO!

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I just got my first set of Moo cards today. I love that you can pick a different image for all 50 cards. That’s pretty cool! Here is a small sample. They all have the same bright blue back with my infos on it. I kind of love them, and the card stock is nice and thick, tho I don’t know that I’d use them as my regular business card. I got my first batch of new biz cards the other day….and….I kinda screwed up the color. It’s all washed out and too light. I’m trying again! Today I got my hair done for free, because I’m helping with a photo shoot for my salon on Sunday. She used two different pinks in my hair, Atomic Pink, and some other pastel pink that I had in my hair before for my bro’s wedding. I really like the two different shades in there, and my photo doesn’t really capture it so great, but oh well! While I was buying hairspray the other day (Bedhead Hard Head) I also saw some blue nail polish by Orly. It’s called “Blue Collar” and it’s totally like my favorite Sephora blue. The Sephora chips in about two minutes, so let’s see how long this stuff lasts! I also bought some glitter nailpolish from Orly, and mebbe I’ll put that on me toes. I don’t presume that anyone reads my blog straight off www.twinkiechan.com….but if you do, there will be a new layout soon so that your eyes won’t explode and you won’t want to kill me every time I post a pic or a video. YAY! Working very hard right now to stock some online boutiques with cute goodies and also update my own shop. Gimme two weeks and some magic will happen!

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