Daily Nail: Girlie Glitter

In my search to find a readymade, awesome looking Jawbreaker nail polish, I came across Hard Candy by PrettyPolishnThings.  I know there is also a polish actually called Jawbreaker by Pretty & Polished (these company names are a bit similar eh…?), but from looking at swatches, I wanted my glitter to come out a bit brighter and less milky.

If you click on the Etsy listing for Hard Candy, I would say that the first/main photo is a bit misleading and the other photos are more realistic, as far as how milky the glitter goes underneath the white polish. This was about 3 coats. I liked the result, and it reminded me of marshmallow cereal in milk, but it seemed a bit difficult for me catch the bigger glitter on my brush. Perhaps more aggressive shaking is necessary!

The blue and pink polishes (also 3 coats) are GLITTER PACKED. They are both by Rainbow Honey from the Equestria collection. Blue = 20% Cooler. Pink = Pinkie Promise.  I was really impressed with the density of glitter in both bottles, plus I really like that Rainbow Honey offers mini bottles if you just want to try a color. I wish the site would show swatches on nails, though. That would be cool! The blue in 20% Cooler isn’t quite as BLUE as I’d hoped from the photo on their site, but I guess that’s what keeps the glitter so … glittery. Next time I might do a base layer of blue or white underneath first.

All in all, I am feeling very glitter-tastic, and I do not look forward to having to remove the glitter crust from my nails!

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12 Replies to “Daily Nail: Girlie Glitter”

  1. Kelsea Echo says:

    Whoa, these are PERFECT! Hah, I like it. Usually I see lots of plain nails and one accent nail. But with this look it’s like every nail is an accent nail! Totally my style (although maybe not the part where it appears to require patience). =)

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      I think the only patience involved is when you want to take it off 😛

      1. Kelsea Echo says:

        Hah, so true with glitter! Which is why I’m usually super ghetto and just let it peel off eventually… bad, I know.

        1. TwinkieChan says:

          I take pride in hardly ever removing my nail polish. My friend Kera always used to tell me I had crack-ho nails.

          1. Kelsea Echo says:

            That’s what I’ll tell people next time. It’ll be the new trend.

  2. Sash says:

    so girly!! <3 I haven't tried this kind of nail polish or design. I used to have a plain colors. Lol.

  3. Sash says:

    So girly!! <3 Hahaha! I haven't tried wearing this kind of nail polish, I used to polish my nails with just plain colors. Haha. But this one with glittery and rainbow colors, I realized its cute too!

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      Yeah glitter is not for everyone, but I think it’s a quick way to get some pizzazz on there!

  4. Sami says:

    They look good enough to nom!

  5. I like – i think she put a white base coat under the polish on the first pic! Im so glad you linked the shop – ty! LOOOOVE the pink and blue! I must say I like your original jaw breaker nails better…they looked much more like jaw breakers but I realize how time consuming that is! xo (hee hee about the crack ho nails!)

  6. Belen says:

    I really like the contrast on the blue and the white…i still love your DIY version for the effect, but this looks really good..and the my little pony names of the last two colors, totally bought me

  7. Lisa says:

    Hahaha those are pure candy-licious! Definitely the worst part about glitter nails is getting the darn stuff OFF.

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