Pink, Blue, and MOOOOO!

I just got my first set of Moo cards today.

I love that you can pick a different image for all 50 cards. That’s pretty cool! Here is a small sample. They all have the same bright blue back with my infos on it.

I kind of love them, and the card stock is nice and thick, tho I don’t know that I’d use them as my regular business card.

I got my first batch of new biz cards the other day….and….I kinda screwed up the color. It’s all washed out and too light. I’m trying again!

Today I got my hair done for free, because I’m helping with a photo shoot for my salon on Sunday.

She used two different pinks in my hair, Atomic Pink, and some other pastel pink that I had in my hair before for my bro’s wedding. I really like the two different shades in there, and my photo doesn’t really capture it so great, but oh well!

While I was buying hairspray the other day (Bedhead Hard Head) I also saw some blue nail polish by Orly. It’s called “Blue Collar” and it’s totally like my favorite Sephora blue. The Sephora chips in about two minutes, so let’s see how long this stuff lasts! I also bought some glitter nailpolish from Orly, and mebbe I’ll put that on me toes.

I don’t presume that anyone reads my blog straight off….but if you do, there will be a new layout soon so that your eyes won’t explode and you won’t want to kill me every time I post a pic or a video. YAY!

Working very hard right now to stock some online boutiques with cute goodies and also update my own shop. Gimme two weeks and some magic will happen!

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  • San Smith


    your cards and hair came out cute – I’m glad to hear the quality of the moo cards is nice (I’ve been eyeballing them for a while)

    Do you think it was the site that made the photos washed out?

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