Daily Nail: Black/White Happy/NotSoHappy

blackwhitenail blakck white nail 2I repeat: I am probably the sloppiest, laziest, lamest nail-painter ever, but I enjoy it so much!!!

I did these nails really super quick for Manda’s MFA graduation last week. I have been craving a black polish for a while, but then lightened it up by alternating it with a creamy white. I am always overzealous with the polka dots, which kind of ruins everything, but oh well, they are fun!! Then I decided to break up the dots with some random faces painted on with a tooth pick.I think this mani says: I am a complex woman. I am a play in contrasts. I am darkness. I am light. I am life. I am death. I am happiness. I am sadness. I am deep.JUST KIDDING. I’m just random.

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