Tools of the trade: check out my GLUE BOARD!

Craft Goard

Cardboard has so many uses!!! I have used this piece of cardboard for at least 2 years. I don’t want to be wasteful!

I started using it to pour out my GemTac, which is what I use to adhere small beads to my crochet work (I think it looks better than sewing for my ice cream scoop hair pieces).  I also used to use another piece of cardboard exclusively for hot glue, but then I invested a whole $5 into a reusable hot glue gun pad, which is way awesome (hm, it looks like it’s $7 now, so maybe visit your craft store to see if it’s cheaper?). But I still use my trusty cardboard glue board for other adhesives. Check it out! Gross, yeah? I mean, artistic!!!

14 Comments on “Tools of the trade: check out my GLUE BOARD!”

  • lol – it looks like you had a mary jane in your mouth and you spit it into your purse and it got all the hair and loose ends on it from the bottom of your purse. 😛
    but it is a great idea!!!

  • Mandie


    Haha I have one of these too, I actually use the lid for the box I store my glue gun in. It’s a mini mountain of gunk and glue…

    • That’s a good idea! I have meaning to make a GUN RACK for my various hot tools.

  • Sami


    Hah I have one of these too for my deco, full of the broken dreams of stuck rhinestones!

    • There should be a tumblr for all of everybody’s craft glue repositories!

  • claire


    No joke, someone would probably buy that!
    Just rename it something like ‘The blood of my creative heart’

  • Jennifer Mitts


    I totally have a Chuck E. cheese plate that is 4 inches thick of hot glue, plastic beads and bit of newspaper from about 20 years of use. I feel like I should spray paint it gold and sell it.

    • How epic if that newspaper has a date on it!

      • Jennifer Mitts


        I never thought to look, but now ‘m going to dig it out! It would probably be around 1990!

  • Fiona


    ahhh that is the grossiest 😛
    I’ll admit to have a few glue-coated pins lying around the place…I hate when the glue gets stuck!! 🙂

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