Today’s Nail: Cotton Candy Polka Dots

Polka Mani 1


Here’s a few shots of my current mani!! I was trying to have more control over my polka dots, and I think I am sorta getting better at them

polka mani 2


Sorry about my really dry hands and horrible cuticles! I keep hand lotion everywhere and in my purse, too, but nothing really seems to help that much. I should try cuticle oil or rubbing Vitamin E on them or something, but…yeah, I’m probably not prioritizing that right now! Countdown to Renegade Craft Fair! EEEP!

6 Comments on “Today’s Nail: Cotton Candy Polka Dots”

  • Kailey


    These look adorable!

  • Lynne


    I have the same dry cuticles. They get caught on my crafting then I pick. Then I bite and chew. Then I have bloody cuticles, which is pretty hidious. I have lotion and oil every where too. I wish something would work. I did start treating myself to manicures once a week. Thinking my lack of care was my problem. Nope. It makes me more aware not to chew my hangnails since my nails look so nice. Bloody cuticles would totally mess up the look.

  • Fiona


    I should practice my nails more, everyone always posts such pretty combos where as I’m excited when I manage to put on a coat and not to smudge it 😛 I’ve worked out if I paint my nails before a long-ish car drive I’ve got the best chance of coming out smudge free! btw What do you use to get your polka dots on?

  • your dots are much better! perfect even – they almost look like nail decals! 😀

  • Mai-Linh


    You need a good hand scrub and then cream. Try 60 second manicure scrub and look ma new hands cream from bath and body works :). That sounded like an infomercial but I work there. Lol

    • TwinkieChan


      Sorry for the late reply, but I keep thinking about your comment and am totally going to try those!

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