Free Crochet Pattern: French Fry Purse

McDonald’s (!!!) approached me to help promote global #McDelivery Day, which is this Thursday, July 19! Order McDonald’s via UberEats on Thursday whenever lunch starts (10:30am or 11:30am depending on where you live), and you’ll get the chance to order FREE McDonald’s swag while supplies last at participating locations! You can go to for the downlow and see the 90’s inspired goodies they are offering that day. I’m particularly into the bandana, socks, and t-shirts, and I’m running an enamel pin giveaway on my Instagram!

To celebrate, I decided to make myself a french fry purse, because I still believe that McDonald’s fries are THE BEST FRIES. You can either make this a handbag or a cross body. I had people vote on Instagram, and the cross body won. Basically you can make the strap what ever length you want ;).

If you end up getting goodies on McDelivery Day, let me know what you picked! (P.S. This jean jacket is rad! Thank you, Ronald!)

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Free Crochet Pattern: Bomb Pop Pen Cozy

Happy National Bomb Pop Day!

I know the day is almost over, but, to be honest, I had no idea it was National Bomb Pop Day until I was already at work and saw someone post about it on my Instagram feed!

I made these Bomb Pop Pen Cozies last year, and now you can make some, too! I don’t have step-out photography, so hopefully some of you will be able to follow along just with text. When I get the chance to shoot step-out photography, I’ll probably remove the pattern from my blog and then put it in my Etsy shop. Please enjoy it until then!

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Windows for Harvey – my crocheted ice cream cone window installation!

It was Harvey Milk’s birthday on May 22nd, and in celebration, the Castro neighborhood here in San Francisco hosts Windows for Harvey, a celebration in which local merchants host art installations inspired by Harvey and his legacy. This year’s theme was “equality,” and the Castro Fountain asked if I would create an installation for their window.

I sketched and envisioned A LOT of different concepts before deciding on this one. A big part of me wanted to make a bunch of smaller items to fill the window, so that people might be more willing to purchase a piece of it at a lower price. But ultimately, I felt like the big triple scoop ice cream cones would make a bigger and more fun visual impact. They are over 5 feet tall!

This is from my artist statement/description posted in the window:

“For Harvey Milk’s birthday, I wanted to crochet a treat that was not only sweet but also highlighted Milk’s legacy and fight for equality. Both crochet and ice cream can have nostalgic qualities that take many of us back to a more innocent time, perhaps a time before we became aware of our differences, or that difference could ever be seen as a bad thing. Milk encouraged us to embrace each other, whether we are pink, yellow, or green, and to always give each other hope.”

Big crochet is super floppy and a little heavy, so I backed both pieces in thick foam board. Manda helped me out a lot by cutting the board, since I was so short on time.

Today is the last day you can view it. I think I’m supposed to take it down tonight! Sorry I wasn’t able to blog about it sooner! If anyone local to SF is interesting in purchasing it, you can always email me. I still haven’t quite figured out the pricing, but I’d sell them together or as individual ice cream cones. Manda wants to keep them, but our house already has a lot of crochet :).

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Free Crochet Pattern & Video Tutorial: Lemon Pillow!

The Craft Yarn Council approached me again this year to create a new pattern for Stress Awareness Month (which was April!) after the success of our Lemon Stress Ball. This year, I decided to GO BIG with this huggable and squishable Lemon Pillow! We’re using big yarn and a big hook, so this big project should go by more quickly than you think. I have a video tutorial on YouTube for the visual learners, and the free pattern is below. A friendly, printable PDF has been available on for the past few weeks, plus they have a knitted version, too!

I hope you have lots of fun adventures with your gigantic lemon!


Lemon Throw Pillow

crochet pattern by Twinkie Chan

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Crocheted Carrot Class on Creativebug!

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll earn a small commission on any purchases you make.) added this cute crocheted carrot to my Fruits & Veggies crochet classes! I was going to wait to post about it until I had time to whip up some more carrot samples and take cute photos, but I wanted to let you guys know sooner rather than later! I LOVELOVELOVE seeing all of your finished projects from my patterns and classes, and I know you are going to love this addition to your fruits & veggies amigurumi collections! Click to see all my classes at Creativebug. –> Crochet Time!

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