Giveaway with the fabulous AgentLover!

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Head on over to one of my most favoritest bloggers, AgentLover, and enter her giveaway! One lucky winner gets to go home with a Yummy You! x Sanrio Character-Cupcake scarf! Woohoo! Sorry for the radio silence! I was in Las Vegas this week for the big Licensing Expo. I don’t think we were really supposed to take photos inside there (although everyone was taking photos with the mascots running around, like the Power Rangers, The ICEE Slush Puppy, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and some random guys I didn’t recognize!), but it’s really cool to see the booth designs for big companies like Nickelodeon, My Little Pony, Sesame Street, stuff like that!

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Yummy Bento Box Giveaway at LaCarmina’s blog!

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  We have a new giveaway for you guys!! Fashion blogger, author, tv hostess, and all around amazing media personality LaCarmina has partnered up with us to create this Yummy Bento Box prize. You get the cute bento box AND the Yummy You! stuff inside! Please visit her blog entry about the giveaway to find out how to enter to win! Remember to comment on her blog. Comments here won’t count. Thank you! Good luck!  

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Giveaway on Yummy You! Facebook page, ends Wednesday!

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Start off 2013 on the right foot! You can win the entire range of super-soft, super-toasty, and super-cute socks from Yummy You! All you have to do to enter is go to our Facebook page, “like” the newest post with the same image as below, comment with your favorite Yummy You product off our web site, and “share” this post on Facebook! The winner will be chosen on Wednesday Jan. 9th. Good luck and stay yummy!  

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Let’s do a giveaway!

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Happy Monday! Let’s do a Yummy You! giveaway! Since we had a cupcake-themed giveaway on Audrey’s blog, I figured we would do a bacon-and-egg-themed one here! We’ll send a bacon and egg scarf, bacon and egg toe socks, egg flower hard case wallet, and fried egg pin to one lucky winner! Contest is open worldwide. Simply follow the Rafflecopter widget to enter! The contest will close next Monday, Dec. 10 at the stroke of midnight PST. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway p.s. Are there any other bloggers here who use Rafflecopter? Are we now forced to purchase a premium account in order to display a photo of our prizes within the widget, rather than using html?

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Yummy You! Giveaway with Audrey Kitching!

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Happy Black Friday! Head on over to Audrey Kitching’s blog to enter the first Yummy You! giveaway! It’s a pretty sweet package! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway on her blog. If you leave any entries here, they won’t count! Here’s an old photo I have of Audrey wearing  a cupcake scarf she commissioned a kabillion years ago! Love her!!   Quick note: will be having a Cyber Monday sale for Yummy You! (on Monday, natch, starting at midnight PST). 20% off your entire purchase using code HOTFUDGEMUNDAE at checkout!

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Book Giveaway: “Crochet Saved My Life”

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A little while ago, Kathryn Vercillo of Crochet Concupiscence emailed me about her new book “Crochet Saved My Life: The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Crochet.” I asked if she would like to offer a free copy to one of my blog readers, and she said yes! To be perfectly honest, I haven’t had time yet to read the whole book, but I have gotten about half way. I didn’t want to wait too much longer to set up this giveaway for you! Kathryn shares her journey of how crocheting helped her overcome life-threatening depression. In reaching out to the crochet community, she also met others who experienced the healing and therapeutic power of yarn and a hook. You will follow Kathryn’s personal story, her scientific research, and the stories of 24 other women from all walks of life. Her writing is thoughtful, never saccharine, and her book is an uplifting and educational thank-you to a craft that most people see as just a hobby. On, the book is available as a paperback as well as a Kindle download. If you are an Amazon Prime member, the book is free in the lending library! Kathryn is kindly offering one of my blog readers a free copy: a paperback version for U.S. readers, and an electronic version for non-U.S. readers. To enter the giveaway, follow the handy Rafflecopter widget! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Giveaway Time! JUJU Pow(d)er!

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Longtime blog readers will remember that that TWO years ago, we did a giveaway for JujuChan Texture Powder Styler when it first launched. Now we’re doin’ another one in case you missed it the first time! If you’ve ever been curious about dry shampoo but never committed to buying it, this is a great chance to try it for free! As you can read in my previous giveaway blog entry, Jules “Juju”Chan is my hair stylist and has been for a bazillion years. I followed her around all over the city from salon to salon. When Texture Powder Styler first came out, I really only wanted it to take the oil out of my bangs, since they got oilier before the rest of my hair. But to be honest, I now use it ALL OVER! This powder/dry shampoo is designed to give your hair texture (hence the name), which is what I CRAVE, given that I have stick-straight, super coarse, FLAT Asian hair which I call “Pantene” hair. So if you want slick, shiny, smooth Pantene hair, this may not be for you. If you want texture  and volume and body – plus getting away with an extra day without shampooing, which is a blessing for those of us who color our hair – then you need to check this out! I use the light/blonde formula in my pink hair. I have tried a few other brands of dry shampoo (not all of them, mind you) since our first giveaway, and so far, this is what I prefer about JujuChan’s: – It’s small and cute! You can carry it in your overnight bag or even your purse. It’s great for traveling. – You get a lot of bang for your buck! The Bumble&Bumble spray-on dry shampoo is, I will say, pretty awesome, but I used up a whole can in no time, and it just wasn’t worth the big price tag. My little bottle of JujuChan lasts a few months, and I use it a LOT. – It doesn’t have “make your hair shiny and flat” stuff in it. I tried some other brand and wondered why my hair wasn’t getting the texture I needed to tease and fluff my hair.  Oh. It had “smoothing” or “silkening” proteins in it. NO THANK YOU! I want rock n roll hair! – It isn’t smelly. It has no scent. Some hair stuff out there SMELLS REAL BAD. – I get to support my friend, a local & independent business lady, talented hair stylist, and overall supercool person! So here are the giveaway deets! Jules is giving away two bottles so we can have two winners! There’s a light/blonde formula and also a darker/brunette formula. If you win and are unsure of which formula is right for you, you can tell me your hair color and texture, and Jules can recommend the right one for you. I’ll be using Rafflecopter again, because it seemed to work best for most people. The giveaway will […]

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Giveaway Time! Twinkie Chan Power Pack!

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I decided to do a website-themed giveaway in order to celebrate the new site design and to spread the word since I stopped blogging for a month :P. When I got my iPhone 4, I needed a cover for it superquick, so I made one on Zazzle and also made a few extra! It’s my artwork professionally printed on a Casemate phone case and will work with the iPhone 4 and the 4s. I am also playing with different designs for notebooks, since I use one everyday and thought it would be fun to have a branded one. There’s a rectangle in the upper right corner to put either your name or the dates during which you used the notebook (I like to date them and keep them in case I need to find some important past information!), and the text on the bottom reads, “My little pink notebook of TO-DOs, TO-MAKEs, & TO-DREAMs.” It has a pretty, glossy cover, 80 lined pages, and is spiral-bound. At 6.5″ x 8.75″, it is big enough to be useful and small enough to stick in your bag and keep it handy always! I’ll be giving away 3 prize packs, so  we can have 3 different winners! Each winner will receive 1 iphone4/s case (sorry, I don’t have any for other phones), 1 notebook, and 1 20% off discount code for my Etsy shop. I’m using Rafflecopter for the first time to host this giveaway, so please tell me how you like it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I filled out something the wrong way! I used Rafflecopter once on Jenny Holiday‘s blog, and I thought it was so super cool! The giveaway will run until next Tuesday at midnight! Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Giveaway Time!

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I’m sponsoring an awesome giveaway right now on Michael Shirley’s blog for all you Tumblr lovers! All you need to do is follow both of us on Tumblr and then reblog the giveaway post to enter! I’ll copy/paste the info below. Remember, leaving a comment here on my blog will not enter you in the giveaway. All of this giveaway is done via Tumblr! 🙂 *** This month’s IHATEMICHAELSHIRLEY.COM Giveaway is sponsored by Twinkie Chan! This is an INTERNATIONAL CONTEST, so anyone-anywhere can win. There are also 3 prizes, so that means 3 winners! Here is what we are giving away: PEPPERONI PIZZA SCARF ($140 value) TWINKIE CHAN’S CROCHET GOODIES FOR FASHION FOODIES PATTERN BOOK ($15 value) FOODIE FRIDGE 1” PINBACK BUTTON SET ($10 value) ✝  ♡  ✝  ♡  ✝  ♡  ✝  ♡  ✝  ♡  ✝  ♡  ✝  ♡  ✝  ♡  ✝  ♡  ✝  ♡  ✝  ♡  ✝  ♡  ✝  ♡  ✝ TO ENTER TO WIN, reblog this post & follow: & You MUST BE FOLLOWING BOTH TUMBLR BLOGS. If you don’t follow both, you will be automatically disqualified!!! Reblog as many times as you like. Each reblog counts as one entry. NO LIKES. All names will be put in a random name generator to pick the winners. CONTEST ENDS ON FEBRUARY 28th, 2011 AT 11:59 PM (PST) The 3 winners will be messaged simultaneously on the 29th via the winners’ Tumblr “ask” box messaging system (your ask box MUST be enabled so we can contact you), and each winner will receive a prize, distributed on a first-claimed-first-served basis. GOOD LUCK! x x x x

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Lil Giveaway!

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  THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!!!!! xox   Happy Friday the 13th! Long time no giveaway! I’m starting this year off with a little goodie bag of accessories for you to share or hoard! You get an ice cream scoop hair clip, happy sammich cookie hair clip/brooch, pastel rainbow hair bow (alligator clip) with pink heart cabochon, big cherry zipper dangly, and some other fun random non-crocheted stuff I’ll stick in the bag! This giveaway is open to people all over the world. I’ll cover the shipping! Rules (I’ll try to keep it simple!): 1) Leave a comment! That’s easy! 🙂 2) For extra chances to win: mention, blog about, or link to my giveaway on Twitter, tumblr, or your own blog. You must show me the link to that specific entry, not just your general Twitter, tumblr, or blog URL. For each extra chance to win, you have to leave each extra comment in my blog, so that each separate entry counts for the random number generator. Don’t compile all your links into one comment. I used to separate comments for people, but I will no longer do that. 3) Comments will close on Friday, January 20th, and I will choose a winner with a random number generator ( I think that’s it! Good luck!

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