Giveaway Time! JUJU Pow(d)er!

Longtime blog readers will remember that that TWO years ago, we did a giveaway for JujuChan Texture Powder Styler when it first launched.

Now we’re doin’ another one in case you missed it the first time! If you’ve ever been curious about dry shampoo but never committed to buying it, this is a great chance to try it for free!

As you can read in my previous giveaway blog entry, Jules “Juju”Chan is my hair stylist and has been for a bazillion years. I followed her around all over the city from salon to salon.

When Texture Powder Styler first came out, I really only wanted it to take the oil out of my bangs, since they got oilier before the rest of my hair. But to be honest, I now use it ALL OVER! This powder/dry shampoo is designed to give your hair texture (hence the name), which is what I CRAVE, given that I have stick-straight, super coarse, FLAT Asian hair which I call “Pantene” hair. So if you want slick, shiny, smooth Pantene hair, this may not be for you. If you want texture  and volume and body – plus getting away with an extra day without shampooing, which is a blessing for those of us who color our hair – then you need to check this out! I use the light/blonde formula in my pink hair.

I have tried a few other brands of dry shampoo (not all of them, mind you) since our first giveaway, and so far, this is what I prefer about JujuChan’s:

– It’s small and cute! You can carry it in your overnight bag or even your purse. It’s great for traveling.

– You get a lot of bang for your buck! The Bumble&Bumble spray-on dry shampoo is, I will say, pretty awesome, but I used up a whole can in no time, and it just wasn’t worth the big price tag. My little bottle of JujuChan lasts a few months, and I use it a LOT.

– It doesn’t have “make your hair shiny and flat” stuff in it. I tried some other brand and wondered why my hair wasn’t getting the texture I needed to tease and fluff my hair.  Oh. It had “smoothing” or “silkening” proteins in it. NO THANK YOU! I want rock n roll hair!

– It isn’t smelly. It has no scent. Some hair stuff out there SMELLS REAL BAD.

– I get to support my friend, a local & independent business lady, talented hair stylist, and overall supercool person!

So here are the giveaway deets!

Jules is giving away two bottles so we can have two winners! There’s a light/blonde formula and also a darker/brunette formula. If you win and are unsure of which formula is right for you, you can tell me your hair color and texture, and Jules can recommend the right one for you.

I’ll be using Rafflecopter again, because it seemed to work best for most people. The giveaway will end at midnight on Friday the 13th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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44 Replies to “Giveaway Time! JUJU Pow(d)er!”

  1. claire says:

    I use dry shampoo nearly everyday!
    Can’t live without it

  2. Heidi says:

    I’m currently red, orange, and yellow. My inspiration was: fire and I absolutely love this experiment!

  3. artistik1979 says:

    I love Matrix Biolage products and try to wash my hair 3 times a week.
    Thanks for this giveaway! 🙂

  4. Tamara says:

    Whoa, this Rafflecopter thing is blowing my mind! I’ve never used dry shampoo but I remember the old days when baby powder was the thing. Curious to see what it would be like! I’m also into GIGANTIC hair and I think we may even use the same colour of pink.

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      I know! Rafflecopter is amazing!!!! I don’t know if it scares some people and turns them way, tho ehhehe

  5. Lyn says:

    My favorite hair experiment was when I had a cute pixie cut & my hair was dyed baby blue & cotton candy pink.

  6. Bre says:

    Fabulous giveaway! I’m still on the hunt for the perfect dry shampoo! *fingers crossed*

  7. Bre says:

    Fabulous giveaway! I’m still on the hunt for the perfect dry shampoo! *fingers crossed*

    My favorite hair experiment was probably the first time I ever did a super drastic fire-engine red when I was about 15. I absolutely loved it.

  8. Meg says:

    🙂 Oh boy I haven’t used dry shampoo since high school ! What a wonderful giveaway..

  9. Amoxelle says:

    I love dying my hair blue and purple especially when I teach kids because they really actually pay better attention to you when you look a little off beat.

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      YES Manda always is amazed by how much kids love my pink hair. She is a teacher and I told her she should go for it!

  10. Kady Herron says:

    I bleached my hair twice in one night. Felt like monster bugs were crawling all over my head >.<

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      OH noes!!!!! It sucks when the bleach makes your head all SCABBY. EWW.

  11. conny says:

    I bleached my hair to dye it red, when it was blonde it looked awful! but the red came out fabulous! I wanna do it again!

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      Yeah I look really scary after a bleach and before the color!!

  12. amber says:

    My worst hair moment was when I tried cutting my own bangs. I thought I had gone straight across but it was a little off. So I tried again and was a little off. And then tried again! By the time I called it quits my bangs were super short and still crooked! I vowed never to try and trim my own bangs again. EVER!

  13. Yasmine says:

    I dyed my hair with a really powerful henna onece. It didn’t work; the colour of my hair did not change. And also my hair smelt rank for almost a week after that.

    Imagine what that would have been like for me on a crowded West End! =(

    xxx Yasmine

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      OH no!! Yeah I was surprised when I found out that wet henna looks a lot like horse poop!

  14. dee says:

    Sounds like a great product!

  15. Jackie Hoffman says:

    I once tried to dye my bangs blue and I let the bleach on my hair overnight, because I had read that to get truly WHITE hair for blue bleach was to let it on overnight. Well, nevertheless, I DID wake up with WHITE hair but I had freaking blister all over my head where the bleach was! I felt like a mutant!!! Plus, it hurt like a mother f*cker!

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      :X I am glad your hair didn’t break off tho!

  16. I’ve never tried dry shampoo but if it will help my mousy brown hair look not so mousy I will give it a try!

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      Well if you ever found yourself with oily hair problems, this will DEFINITELY help!

  17. Kimi says:

    Favorite hair experiment: Doing blunt bangs and pink/purple gradient!

  18. chynna says:

    I finally got blunt Zooey Deschanel bangs, and I loved them until I got tired of styling them the same way every day.

  19. Kim says:

    My worst hair experiment happened a few years ago… I decided to cut some of my hair short with clippers. I FORGOT to put the guard on and ended up with a large bald patch. I tried to even it out to make it look intentional, but it probably looked more like I was recovering from brain surgery.

  20. Katsura says:

    My best hair experiment is that I dyed my hair orange and red (I never dyed before). It was 2 years ago and I didn’t change my hair color since then

  21. Alyssa says:

    My worst hair experiment happened when I first dyed and bleached my hair. Having asian hair I wanted to dyed and bleached my hair to a light brown color. I don’t know but I went and bought the highest volume to mix with the bleach and korean hair dye thinking it will do the trick. It turns out I dyed it a lime green color and my mom was not happy. I managed to get the green out but was stuck with a bright orange color for a while before I can try to dye it again.

  22. lisa says:

    would love to try the light one!!

  23. Jenn says:

    I am always looking for items that take away the “smooth” from my hair…and skipping washing is a bonus.
    Where can you buy this?

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      Hi! You can purchase it directly from Jules at 🙂

  24. Mary-Morgan says:

    I am a hairdresser, and personally don’t like people doing my hair (mainly coloring my hair that is). But one time I gave in. I had hair down past my shoulders about 4 inches. I let her color it. When she took of the processing cap, my hair had broken off 1 inch from my scalp. I cried for quite a while. Then buzzed it & started over. That was 2 years ago but I still remember what an awful experience that was. Needless to say I stick with doing my heir myself now & it turns out just fabulous 🙂

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      OMG that is like ultimate hair nightmare!!!!

  25. Dawn says:

    Ooh, I use dry shampoo on my bangs all the time but I hate how expensive many of them are, I just use cheap stuff from the drug store. Also a texture junkie for my hair so this stuff sounds great!

  26. Heidi V says:

    A few years ago I tried dying my hair myself and was so pleasantly surprised with how easy it was that I’ve continued doing it on my own ever since.

  27. Kelsea says:

    My favorite hair “experiment” of sorts was just two weeks ago! Went in to my salon and asked my hairdresser for rainbow hair. Turned out pretty sweet. Full disclosure: I met my hairdresser because I totally botched a previous hair “experiment”… turns out going blue-haired to blonde is NOT an easy task on your own!

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      I think it’s cool you found someone who will do rainbow hair at the salon!!! I find that sometimes colorists are hesitant to do crazy hair on people cuz they don’t want people to freak out and hate it!

  28. Jennifer J says:

    My worst hair experiments always involve me trying to cut my hair into a new style. I should know by now that the cutting is best left to the professionals. Great Giveaway!

  29. Collette says:

    I’m obsessed with trying out different dry shampoos in the search for the perfect one! I’d love to try this one out, it certainly sounds like it’d be right up my street!


  30. Shell says:

    I must admit that I have only tried dry shampoo recently and that was due to an op and having stitches right on the top of my bonce so not being able to wash my hair ( being told not to wash your hair for a week is nasty ). I caved in well before the week was out but having the dry shampoo was a life saver when I had to leave the house. I’d love to give another brand a try

  31. kam says:

    worst hair mishap: shaving a crooked mohawk with the doggie clippers when i was in high school.
    also kinda the best because i was fearless with my look back then!

  32. Artemis says:

    my favorite hair experiment was when i tried to dye my entire head with spray on color. it was stiff, but it looked pretty good, plus it was GLITTERY!

  33. Taylala says:

    Dying my bangs all the bright colours was the best 🙂

  34. Angie H. says:

    I had a hairdresser put honey blonde on my dark brown african american hair and it turned just that a yucky blonde. It was her choice of color to turn my hair auburn red…go figure. I had 1 1/2 dark blone roots and the rest of my hair was light brown.

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