OOOooh I have been waiting to announce this!!

My awesome hair stylist Jules Chan has just launched her first hair care product!

It’s the TEXTURE Powder Styler and you can get some at her website here where she also maintains a fun blog about hair.

Her focus is Asian hair, but her knowledge and hair product covers any kind of hair!

I have known Jules forever. When I finally wanted to chop off my life-long long hair in the late 90s, I had no idea where to get my hair cut. My mom used to cut it for me, or hair salons at the mall, and a few times, I even asked my little brother to do it just for fun! But when I wanted to go short, I knew I had to call in the experts!

I was watching E! channel one day and saw a local hair makeover that took place at Architects & Heroes salon in San Francisco (it no longer exists now). I thought the people who worked there looked really “cool” and could give me some “cool” hair (incidentally, the colorist on the show ended up being my colorist for many years until she moved to the UK!), so I called them up and asked for a stylist who knew a lot about Asian hair. And that’s how I met Jules! She was the first person to ever tell me that I had to use product to get the hair that I wanted. This is a blessing and a curse as now I am a hair product ADDICT!! I have followed her from salon to salon, and now she is the founder and co-owner of her own salon, Dekko, which happens to be walking distance from my house! (Altho we’re moving soon, so that is moot, hehehehe.) Here is a recent article in the SF Examiner about her and the salon!

Anyway, Jules is super awesome and has offered to giveaway TWO bottles of her new product to my blog readers, so we can have TWO winners! It comes in a light formula for light colored or fine hair, and a darker formula for darker hair.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment in my blog (don’t leave one at Livejournal or Facebook, or else it won’t count!) with your email address and the color and texture of your hair!

To earn an extra chance at winning, either Tweet or re-blog about the giveaway, and post that link in a separate comment here on my blog.

Easy peasy! I’ll select two winners in one week. So you have until Thursday, July 22nd, to enter and spread the word! We’re leaving to drive to San Diego Comic Con that night, so I’ll probably draw around 6pm California Time 🙂

I absolutely could not wait for this product to come out. Since I am rockin’ the bangs these days, my bangs are the first to get oily on my face, although the rest of my hair is not ready to wash (we brightly-colored hair gals shouldn’t be washing our hairz everyday), so now I just sprinkle some of the TEXTURE powder on my hands run it through my bangs, and I have instant de-clumping and de-oiling! Pretty rad!

Jules suggested I use the lighter colored formula since I have pink hair. There is a lot of black in my hair, but the lighter powder still works!

137 Comments on “JUJU CHAN – GIVEAWAY!!!”

  • craftydoo


    Here’s hoping luck is on my side!!

  • Theresa Dupont


    Ahhh this is so exciting! I just recently visited San Francisco, and my friend who works at Carlton Hair transformed my black and blue banged head into a crimson and copper masterpiece! He then showed me this product by Osis. It”s called Dust It, and it too is a mattifying/texturizing powder. I was planning on purchasing some, but it’s $16.75 for a measly .35 oz. Yipesss. So this is my dream giveaway because I am now obsessed with styling my hair using powder, especially since i have super fine, easily greasy, limp asian hair, and I despise having to wash it everyday to achieve the volume I want.

    Sorry for the long comment, hah. I also posted a link on my Facebook. Thanks for this opportunity Twinkie!

  • Megalina


    Hooray for something to combat having to wash hair everyday! Especially hot pink hair. I wash my bangs everyday and the rest every few days, but it would be great to have something that I could use on my bangs too to keep that colour longer too… maybe get rid of that awful haven’t washed look, which when pink hair starts to grow out and is greasy, is gutter punk city; which is great if you’re 14, but not when you’re older and have to keep a regular job.

    Colour- hot pink
    Texture- fine, fluffy, semi-damaged and occasionally wavy 🙂

  • The colour of my hair is Baby Pink, and the texture is thin and straight. This sounds like an amazing product, especially for someone like me who doesn’t wash her hair every day!

  • Chubisaur


    Whoa, I’ve never used dry shampoo before, but it sounds freaking awesome, as I only wash my hair every 4-5 days. I’m biracial, so my hair is super thick, and it’s also super dark purple 🙂


  • Brandie


    YAAAY HAIR PRODUCTS! I have the most boringest poop colored dark brown hair…ever. siiiigh. It is fairly thick with just a little bit of body (which is weird, because before I had babies, it was stick straight…hmmm.) Anyhoo, my email address is:


    & OMG HAVE FUN AT COMIC CON I AM SO ENVIOUS!!! less than three!!!

  • Amelia with thick dark hair :-)


    hello! congrats to your friend

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