Old School

I just finished this Loopy Cuppycake Scarf for Mike of Twink, the Toy Piano Band! We did a little creative swap, and hopefully soon I will get to show you more about that! I haven’t made one of these loopy scarves for a super long time, and it was really fun!!! I have a lot of stash I can bust by making more of these, so I think I will after Renegade Craft Fair and Magic/Pool Tradeshow are over!

I bought some heart sunglasses for another project and wanted to see what they looked like on my face.

I ended up making this funny thing which reminded me of a cheesy photo in an 80s teen magazine.

As real as it may seeeeeeeeeeem, it was only in myyy dreams!!!

27 Comments on “Old School”

  • Rafidah


    u just need fluffier hair!! u are on the way there!!! more hairspray and moose!! lol!

    • I’ll never make it! I’m already at maximum fluffiness!!! heheh

  • Jodie


    Zomg you are soooo cute! Love the photo with the heart sunnies, very 80’s :>

    That scarf is awesome!! I want one!

    • I will definitely make more when all my events are over!

  • Marie


    I’m sorry, but 25 years later, “Only In My Dreams” still kicks ass!! :-}

    • Don’t be sorry. Most of the songs in my iTunes are 80s pop!

  • Manda


    I want that scarf!

    • I will try to make more soon! 🙂

  • Mike


    Thanks so much again for the scarf! Karen will be thrilled.

    • YAY!!! It was fun to make it! 🙂

  • Sylvette Marie


    I Love the 80’s ….twinkie im counting the months to buy your crafty book. 🙂

    • OH my gosh!!! I’m nervous for it to come out. What if everybody hates it!!? heheh

  • Kayleigh


    I have some heart shaped glasses but because the bridge of my nose is quite large the glasses sit at like eyebrow level :/ so it looks like my eyes are really high up which makes my face look freeeeaaaaky. Bad times.

    • Oh I have the WORST time with glasses!!! My face is suuuuper wide and my lack of a nose-bridge makes everything sit on my cheeks and feel yucky!

  • Caz


    Ha I have sunnies just like those…..sadly I hardley get any use out of them in dreary old England Boooooooo!

    • You could also wear them on top of your head as a hair accessory! 😛

  • OMG I’m jealous of your proximity to Twink!!!!!

    • The beginning of our correspondence was all pretty random, as I simply just tried to buy some songs off his site 😉

      • I puffy paint heart the toy piano band

  • Airemiss


    holy moly those bangs look AMAZING on you!

    • Aw thank you!! I actually always think about growing them out again!

  • Michele


    Haha! Debbie Gibson! I totally hearted her in the 80’s! My how times change. ^__^

  • Sarah


    Runnin’ just as fast as we can! (That’s Debbie Gibson, right?)

  • Lee


    Move over Debbie Gibson!
    Take your Electric Youth and make way sister!!

    • You don’t want to hear this one sing! heheh

  • Leigh-Ann


    you’re the cutest!!! ever 🙂

    • aw leigh-ann, you are so so so sweet! 😛

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