Be the Burger

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Just finished this last night! Phew!

I am hoping to debut a couple burger scarves for sale at Renegade, but we’ll see how much time I have! Eep! Workworkworkworkwork.

(p.s. if you haven’t seen the hair product giveaway yet…click back to this entry!)

26 Comments on “Be the Burger”

  • nicole


    this is super cute i want it!!

    • I’ll try to make a couple more!

  • Sylvette Marie



  • mel


    eeek! awesome!

  • this is amazinggggg! was this your first hamburger scarf?? i love it!

    • I had one drawn for a long time but just never got around to making it. This is a sample for Yummy You 🙂

      • ooo awesome!! i can’t wait to see the other yummy you! products! i proudly wear my yummy you pinback button everywhere!! 😀

  • Jules Chan


    Ha, Bloody Brilliant!!!! Lots of work girl!

    • Thanks, Jules!! AHHH the work it never ends!

  • Jacci


    I want it so badly.

    • HOpefully in the coming months it will be available thru Yummy You 🙂

    • We are all artists and have our own take on the world’s objects.

  • Camay


    beautiful ♥

  • Nymphetamine



  • Muffin


    This scarf makes me think of the metalocalypse “hamburger time” video

  • domenico


    Can you order them? Because I think I found the perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mum!!!

    • I don’t really have the time to take custom orders right now, but after my craft fair, I will try to make more for Etsy 🙂

      • domenico


        Thank you.

  • Tessel


    Totally awesome!

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