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Death Stare On Hold

Dear Blog, We can die happy now. Love, Me. I still have a few more episodes to complete before the big finish, but I have 4 crochet paintings to finish in 24 hours. I’ll see you on the other side!

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Craft Wars Ep. 6: Bedknobs and Gluesticks

Even though I have been DVR’ing Craft Wars on my television, I have also been buying episodes off Amazon.com, so I can play them on my computer and get screenshots that way. It’s much easier for me than taking photos … Continue reading

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Craft Wars Ep. 5: A Christmas Craft-tastrophe

Meet your craftestants! Peaches: Ok, I know those are probably oranges on her apron, but “Oranges” is kind of a terrible nick name. Her outfit is so sunshiney and cute! Mr. Vivs: This guy is from San Francisco and crafty, … Continue reading

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Craft Wars Ep. 4: Altar or Falter

Ok, these photos are gonna be weird. I took them while sitting on the floor in my livingroom, as I do, in real life, cuz I don’t like couches (I know…), so you will be seeing the tv from my … Continue reading

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Craft Wars Ep. 3: Barks & Crafts

Okay, so as I mentioned in my last post, today they are airing the last two episodes of Craft Wars for the season, so I am going to have a crazy blogathon of recaps today! Meet your craftestants! Mini-Me: For … Continue reading

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