Craft Wars Ep. 6: Bedknobs and Gluesticks

Even though I have been DVR’ing Craft Wars on my television, I have also been buying episodes off, so I can play them on my computer and get screenshots that way. It’s much easier for me than taking photos of my television! Each episode costs $1.99, so you can see how much I care about you guys. Two dolla!

On with Episode 6!

Meet your craftestants.

NoFoofin’: She doesn’t over-foof, and she likes to keep it clean.

RiskyBusiness: He likes to take chances.

PrettyFurniture: She blogs about home design, and there are lots of photos of pretty furniture in her intro.

Pop Craft Challenge: Make a lamp out of eye wear and magnifying lenses.

I was really smellin’ what PrettyFurniture was cookin’. She started painting lenses with varied mixtures of ModPodge and Rit Dye so the lenses would dry clear but colorful.


RiskyBusiness was up first. He created a drum-shaped hanging lamp with a flattened-lens mosaic.

The judges all seemed to feel that RiskyBusiness had great ideas but was lacking in the execution department.

PrettyFurniture was going for an industrial feel, with the highlight being her amazing sea glass made of lenses. Ombre!

All the judges were wow-ed by her sea glass concept, but she clearly had not put on as many as she had planned, plus, Stephen felt that the black ball base could have been ombre-fied as well. My thought was that since ombre has been so trendy, that this would have made her a shoe-in to win.

NoFoofin’ wanted to represent the nature-y feel of her hometown and grass and flowers.

Her lamp looked finished and it seemed like she had executed everything she had planned.

I am a bit surprised nobody said anything about it’s slight Tiki vibes….

In the end, PrettyFurniture had to pack up her glue gun. Frankly, I was a bit surprised. I know she hadn’t really finished her lamp, but I thought her technique was really cool, and I would’ve loved to have seen more!

Master Craft Challenge: we’re giving you a mattress and a wall. Make a bedroom in 5 hours!

Oh yeah, and also use these zippers. K thanks.

NoFoofin’s planned theme for her bedroom was “Smoke and Mirrors.”

I can’t recall if RiskyBusiness announced a certain theme, but he wanted a 4-poster bed and a zipper rug.

Hey check this out: are the judges going to give NoFoofin’ grief for making a pillow with hot glue? Cuz, like, you would probably not want a pillow made with hot glue in your bedroom?

Answer: nobody said anything… although I did notice RiskyBusiness using fabric glue instead (FabriTac?) on his rug. Point: RiskyBusiness!

Okay check this other thing out: you gotta love NoFoofin’ patterning clay tiles with the bottom of her freaking SHOE!

Here’s RiskyBusiness tufting a head board with nuts and bolts and washers.

NoFoofin’, are you gettin’ foofy with those turkey-feather flower embellishments?


RiskyBusiness is up first. He explained that he borrowed design elements from different cultures, and that his repetition of the green vertical stripes brought it all together.

I think that is the most amazing comment I’ve ever heard.

Jo was not so excited about RiskyBusiness’ foray into the stencil arts.

But Erica was delighted by the tufted headboard and said, “Your headboard makes me happy.”

Here’s NoFoofin’s bedroom, Smoke and Mirrors.

He went on to explain that she should have stuck more with all gray colors and mysticalness and glitters. The biggest offender was the bamboo.

NoFoofin’ responded, “I liked the natural element.”

But despite NoFoofin’s lack of glittered-bamboo, all her clever crafty elements won over the judges.

5 Comments on “Craft Wars Ep. 6: Bedknobs and Gluesticks”

  • I like that ombre lamp too! And the judges can complain all they want, but I thought these projects turned out pretty nicely given the time frame and random requirements!

    So did you spend a day+ on a craft wars marathon & write-up? Hehe…

    • TwinkieChan


      To be fair, sometimes the judges do make positive comments they are not as funny as the negative ones :/. I know that is horrible of me, but there it is!

  • Aileen


    I’m loving your recaps, keep’em coming! šŸ™‚

    • TwinkieChan


      Thanks, Aileen!!! I needed to take a break to finish up some work, but I’ll try to finish up the season even though it’s technically over now!

  • Piper


    I can almost not watch this as I get so angry not agreeing with the first person they get rid of a lot of the time! Haha. Most challenge shows I agree with so maybe that’s why I get so frustrated? I don’t know, but I feel like a kid yelling at the teevee. I also love your recaps btw!

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