Craft Wars Ep. 3: Barks & Crafts

Okay, so as I mentioned in my last post, today they are airing the last two episodes of Craft Wars for the season, so I am going to have a crazy blogathon of recaps today!

Meet your craftestants!

Mini-Me: For obvious reasons, obviously! Actually, also, during RenegadeSF, a girl peeked her head into my booth and asked if I was that girl from CraftWars. Asian, glasses, pigtails, I GET IT. And coincidentally, also from San Francisco. We should never meet. The time-space continuum would implode.

SlumberParty: He makes a lot of neat mini-castle club-houses for little kids and the ultimate SLUMBER PARTY.

GlitterBeast: Okay, this is not meant in a derogatory way AT ALL. I mean “Beast” as in “FIERCE.” She says she loves her some glitter. Watch her throw them signs!

Pop Craft Challenge: Make a toy box out of toys, in 1 hr.

Okay, so, SlumberParty was working FURIOUSLY, talkin’ fast, sweatin’ up a storm, super high energy… part of me was like, “Wow, this guy is really into it!” and the other part was like, “What drugz is this guy on!?”

He was like a crazy nail gun maniac when Tori came to check out his work.

She had the best reaction ever.

Onto the judging!

SlumberParty was up first. His toy box was kinda weird. I can’t even really describe it. It was like a sort of cube shaped thing with stuff all over it and a flap top. Okay, shows you how much I pay attention sometimes…this whole time I thought that the blue shape in the back was a weird mutant person with funky hand syndrome, but it’s actually the word “TOY.” OKAY DUH, ME!

He had covered the sides of his box with felt, and the judges are always getting on people’s cases about how they should stop avoiding paint.

GlitterBeast was up next with her Robbie the Rainbow Robot toy box with storage in body and in head.

I think Stephen was feelin’ those glittervibes BIG TIME.

BUT, he hated her use of spray glue to adhere the glitter. He suggested white glue was best.

Jo:”I’m not concerned. It’s just glitter!”


Stephen: I grew up with glitter all over me, and look how I turned out!


MiniMe made a box that looked like a monster, so that kids could have fun feeding it and clean up at the same time.

Again, the judges took issue with her using felt to cover a surface as opposed to painting it. Also, they never understand why people use spray glue instead of fabric glue when gluing fabric.

PACK UP YOUR GLUE GUN, SLUMBERPARTY. We don’t like sarcasm around here.

Master Craft Challenge: Make a pet mansion out of pet stuff in 5 hrs.

P.S. Tori’s REAL pet CHICKEN Coco is judging you.

MiniMe’s plan was to make a modern multi-pet condo. GlitterBeast’s plan was to make a glitzy princess pet castle. I liked this little piece of wisdom from GlitterBeast.

MiniMe wanted to wall-paper her pet house with fabric. She must have really polite pets, cuz my dogs would drool, eat, barf, and wipe their eye boogers on those walls in 2 seconds.

Meanwhile, nothing gets past Tori’s eagle eye.

Check out this mat that GlitterBeast wove out of pet leashes. Cool, right? I don’t know why she was spray painting it black, though, espesh cuz the black was not covering very well…. how about … PINK!?

But the paw-print stamp she made out of sponges and foam core is pretty awesome. Props, boo.

JUDGING BEGINS. GlitterBeast is up first with her pink and black glitter castle.

Sorry the photo is lame. It was hard to get a shot of the whole thing. Inside, she had also made a pretty nifty doggie dining table with a dog-toy base and an acrylic top. Plus I think she made a lamp, which they showed about 2 seconds of while she was making it, and I can’t tell if it made it into the final mansion or not.

The over-arching comment about her pet palace was: LOVE ALL THAT GLITTER. But hate all that spray glue.

Here is Mini-Me’s modern pet condo. She kinda ran out of time to decorate the top floor, but she covered by saying she wanted to keep it minimalistic up there because that was the cat area and cats are boring.

Stephen pulled out his favorite pet-pun of the episode.

MiniMe was chastised for not really using the challenge materials as much as GlitterBeast, but Erica still really preferred MiniMe’s modern aesthetic and poo-poo’d the Glitterati.

But in the end, glitter wins, don’tcha know?

Sorry, MiniMe. I’ll see you at the Beverly’s in Daly City.

9 Comments on “Craft Wars Ep. 3: Barks & Crafts”

  • rae


    i have never seen this show, but i feel like i dont’ have to because your recaps are SO GOOD! i’m loving it! i can’t wait to read the rest!

    • TwinkieChan


      Thank you! HEheh i feel bad thought cuz my screenshots are often so horrible!! My internet has been really bad, so it’s been tough to be picky about moments I actually catch!

  • Danielle


    Ok I think I went through most of your recaps thinking those nicknames were actually given to them on the show (I always miss the intros for some reason, probably because I forget the show is on and then stumble upon it 5 minutes in) and so now I must congratulate you on your superior nicknaming skills! I didn’t see this episode but as always, your recap was glorious!

    I totally did not see that roof spelling on the word “toy” either so don’t feel bad.

    Mini-Me’s (Mini-You’s?) scarf is kind of awesome.

    • TwinkieChan


      I feel kinda bad for SlumberParty, because, you could tell from the photos of his work during his intro, that, he is pretty talented. I just don’t think his kind of work was suited for a challenge with so little time!

  • Amy Ng


    I am your mini-me! (Except I’m pretty sure I’m older than you.) That’s all. Thanks for writing about us! I will see you at the next Renegade.

    • TwinkieChan


      Hi! Really!?!? I’m 36!

  • Chinamommy


    It DOES say “toy”!!! I thought it was a little person! Love the recaps!!

  • mrdeadfish


    So we met today and I thought you looked familiar! Then I realized that I took a picture of you and your booth and asked if I should hashtag you. I was that girl in craft wars! The MiniYou! The world did not implode and I want one of your corn dogs. It took every muscle in my unemployed body not to buy one, since I love corn dogs and clam chowder.

    That is all. Thanks for having awesome things.

    • TwinkieChan


      Hi!!!! I thought it was you!! I should have just asked! That’s why when I first saw you, I pointed at you like a crazy person!!!!! 😛

      If you email me your mailing address, I’ll send you a corn dog present!

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