Monday Mail

Best mail in the history of mail!!!

Thank you, Gabby!

I want to hire Gabby to design t-shirts. She has that real-deal Girl Magic!

p.s. Tomorrow they are airing the LAST 2 episodes of Craft Wars. The season is over already, and I only re-capped the first 2 episodes? AHHHH. BLOG FAIL. Tonight my goal is to bang out a re-cap-athon and get you all so super pumped to watch the last 2 of the season. Let’s see if i can do it! The longest part about doing the re-caps is getting the screenshots and putting captions on them. Ready set go!

3 Comments on “Monday Mail”

  • GabbyAnne


    OMG THANK YOU TWINKIE! I’m so glad you liked it! Did you open it yet? I am so pumped to read your craft war recaps! I can’t wait to watch Craft Wars today!

  • GabbyAnne


    Oh yeah what did you think of the back? Did you like the bunny?

  • I just saw another post on this episode because Steff Bomb is in it. So cheer for Steff for me ok? Okies.

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