Death Stare On Hold

Dear Blog,

We can die happy now.

Love, Me.

I still have a few more episodes to complete before the big finish, but I have 4 crochet paintings to finish in 24 hours. I’ll see you on the other side!

7 Comments on “Death Stare On Hold”

  • kukubee


    Hahaha! Best thing I’ve read all day. Also, HE HAS YOUR BOOK! O.O SO. RAD. Good luck on the crochet paintings..go, go, go! 😀

  • Haaa, you’re too famous now to *ever* go under the radar!!! 😉

  • Danielle


    Oh there goes the internet again, making the world an even smaller place! Haha, that is really awesome though!

  • bwahahaha

    i might’ve pooped my pants.

    can’t wait to see those paintings. they always make me SMIIIILE

  • Christina


    AWESOME! haha! And, he has your book! Well, of course, everyone should really. 😉 (I do!)

  • I had the coolest dream last night. First of all I live in the middle of south Florida…Nothing.Is.Here! Nobody crafts here either, sooo I watch every kind of craft show ever. I watch my Claudine Hellmuth, &Traci Bautista dvd’s on the computer in my studio. I don’t watch, I craft, but I feel like I’m crafting with some one.
    Ok, that was the background…
    I had a dream that you and I were together crafting, and eating food. It was so much fun! I even woke up halfway once laughing out loud in my sleep. I wish that was for reals! We had a great time. I forget what we were making/eating, just woke up real happy 😀

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