A Photo Booth pic of a photobooth pic.

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taken in a metro station in Milan Hairy, the fam, and I are back from our Florence/Paris trip! There are lots of pics and lots of video clips, which = MONTAGE!!! But 1st things 1st. Picking up out babydoggies tomorrow. Nosediving back into Twinkie Chan work. And UNPACKING!!!! Fave moment from Florence, in our hotel bathroom: Me, “These face-towels are REALLY weird!” Hairy, “That’s cuz they’re BUTT-towels!” AHHHHH BIDETS!!!!!

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Cake Cowl, Deconstructed Scrambles, & Food Art!

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This is a sketch for one of the Valentine’s Day scarves I’m working on. It’s a fluffy pink super thick cowl that looks like a cake! Here it is in progress. This yarn is AMAZING. It’s 100% wool, so it’s a teeny tiny bit scratchy, but it’s still really soft and fluffy and gorgeous. I am a big fan. I’ve had 4 balls of this for a couple years. I bought it to make a cotton candy scarf which I never made, but now I am really excited to be using it!!! YARNSQUEE! This is also the first time I’ve worked with cable stitches. It’s REALLY thick and bulky. I imagine that cable work with knitting is a lot more delicate. Sometimes I wish I could do both! I can sorta knit, but I’m really really super duper slow at it. Here are some pics of the breakfy that Hairy cooked over the weekend. He called it a Deconstructed Scramble: Finally, last week, I had coffee with a few friends, and also my first potential crochet student!! He brought this in a box: He is of course EDIBLE and was housed in a paper castle. Cool, eh? Anyway, I’m hustling to bring you a really cool shop and eBay update by Feb 1, but I also have to finish doing my taxes! Ew! Also, I’ve been signing my life away on paper to hopefully bring you some fun news in the not too distant future…… Now I have to go walk the dogs before we go to dinner with my family for New Year’s. Gung hay!

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Peppermint Steak Cake Cookie Man

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This weekend I prepped a lot of chocolate chip cookie appliques for mitts and hats! I am tweaking my hat pattern, so we’ll see how it turns out in the next few days. Some time last week or the week before, I went to a yarn shop in Los Altos to look for Cascade 220 wool for making felted gingerbreadboy cute-tility packs. Unfortch, they did not have the right color there, but of course I still walked out with some yarn! It’s Rowan DK, and 100% wool. I’m really sensitive to animal fibers, so I hardly use wool for scrves unless it’s very soft merino. I plan to use this wool for mittens! I chose colors for cupcake fingerless mitts, and T-Bone steak Meat-tens, but then realized that all three of these colors looked yummy and pepperminty together, so I want to make a peppermint twist scarflette, too! I was also inspired to make double scoop ice cream cone mittens with the buttoned removal top for convertible fingerless mitt action. So many plans!!! So many patterns to devise!!! Also, I sketched this (very quickly, clearly!) for Beth/JusSharDesigns, but I think I want to try to make my own version, too! I probs won’t have time, but it’d be neat to squeeze it in. Back to work on the choco chip cookie hats! I hope to update the shop next week with hats and mittens, and I’ve also been working on re-filling scarves for ShanaLogic. Stay tuned!

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