A Photo Booth pic of a photobooth pic.

taken in a metro station in Milan

Hairy, the fam, and I are back from our Florence/Paris trip!

There are lots of pics and lots of video clips, which = MONTAGE!!!

But 1st things 1st. Picking up out babydoggies tomorrow. Nosediving back into Twinkie Chan work. And UNPACKING!!!!

Fave moment from Florence, in our hotel bathroom:

Me, “These face-towels are REALLY weird!”

Hairy, “That’s cuz they’re BUTT-towels!”


2 Comments on “A Photo Booth pic of a photobooth pic.”

  • Cara


    I miss photobooths. They really don’t have many in Australia any more. Sometimes you’ll stumble upon them but most of them are pretty crap and not worth the $10 they cost for the picture. Europe is rad for photobooths (hence the movie Amalie, I guess).

  • mel


    yay your back!

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