My new granny shoes. Need flesh-colored knee highs STAT.

Doing a lot of work in Photoshop today, so I decided to break in my new shoes that Hairy bought me in Milan (god that sounds pretentious!!!).

We had a free day in Florence, so we decided to hop on a train for two hours to see if we might check out The Last Supper in Milan. However, the church/tour was booked 3 weeks ahead!! So we just decided to wander around a little bit.

We ran into this little shoe store called Les Lolitas that I really loved. I should have gotten more than one pair! Oh well! They are kind of like little old lady shoes because the heel kinda looks funky, but they are really comfy and breaking in really quickly, which is awesome. I can never find shoes because I have duck feet: fat and wide in the front, and narrow in the heel. This is why I wear a lot of chunky maryjane-ish shoes: to accommodate my chubby fronts! I don’t know from shoes or whether or not these are well made. I guess we’ll see!!

It is kinda gloomy in the loft today, so I went on the patio to take some pictures. I really love our green mossy stuff, but Hairy and I are really itching to get rid of the rock “garden” that came with the place when we moved in, because Bunny keeps pooing in it and I think it’s kind of an eyesore.

Anyway, if you are ever shopping in Milan, you also have to go to the store Love Therapy! I did not buy anything in there but I was lusting over everything, espesh a pair of golden, open-toed platform wedgies!!! They did not have my size, tho.

Soon after looking around, I had a super stomach explosion and we ducked a small camera crew who asked us to say “HELLO, DOCTOR!” for TV so I could find a bathroom!!! HAHA.

It was super duper hot in Milan, and I wasn’t feeling well, so we got on the train back to Florence, and then had a very yummy dinner at a rando cafe that gave us free prosecco when we sat down, and also left a free bottle of Limoncello for us after dinner. Hairy drank all my alcohol since I had yuck-tum and then he fell off a curb while we walked back to the hotel and I made fun of him.

Anyhoos, maybe I’ll start sorting all the pics and vids from the trip tonight. Or not. I am super busy with Twinkie Chan work, so we’ll see how fast I can move.

Right now I have to try and pick up our mail from the post office and mail off a baby turnip scarf! I hope they have our mail! I think they kinda screwed up on our last trip!

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