What I’ve been up to lately…

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Apparently I have contracted SARS. I noticed all the various syrups I have collected and decided to take a picture today.

Buckley’s: This is some random stuff that Hairy picked up when he went out for cough syrup. Apparently its motto is “Tastes real bad, works real good.” It is sugar-free and alcohol-free. It tastes like a burning hot mess of yuck. And it doesn’t work very well. Hairy also made me breathe it in with steam. It burned my eyes. I do not recommend. He took a picture of my face underneath my towel and steaming hot bowl. My eyes were squeezed shut and my mouth was open, taking in the steam. It looked like I was being born.

The Chinese Cough Syrup: This is some syrup that my mom used to give us when we were kids. I don’t know that it works very well, but it tastes GREAT. It has loquat or kumquat syrup in it, as well as other minty type things. Manda insisted I take some, so I did. Can’t hurt.

Robitussin: The old stand by. I’m not sure that it works very well. I got the long lasting 8 hour kind. I took it before we took Bibi to the dog park, and then we came home to eat dinner and I passed out until midnight. I would say it lasts for 4 hours.

Prescription Stuff with Codeine: I picked this up last year when I had the SARS cough. It’s been really hard for me to get a good night’s sleep and I was hoping that codeine would knock me out. No such luck!! Woke up today with 1/4 of a Ricola drying out my tongue.

Vapo Rub: I just picked this up today. My mom is also sick and has been using it. I am desperate. I will try anything. I gooed myself up with this a few hours ago. I’m a little disappointed it doesn’t last very long. I’ll goo myself up again before bed time and hope for the best.

In crafty news: I have been making stuff for my cousins in Hong Kong this week because my parents are going there next week. I’ll take a pic of my girl cousin’s scarf tomorrow. I’m not sure if I can finish my boy cousin’s scarf in time, unless he gets back to me. I made him a video with questions. God bless technology! This is yarn that he picked when we visited him in Vancouver. He asked me to pick the biggest baddest blue button I could find. I haven’t been having much luck with good blue buttons! Also, sorry about the SARS coughing.

I am a terrible knitter. I had to google how to cast on, and I remembered the rest. The neckwarmer he saw for $70 was knit, so I wanted to knit his as well. Ah well. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Happy Easter!

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Hey Gang!

Just wanted to let you know that all my chocolate bunny pins are sold out!

But there is one more cool thing on eBay that you can buy: a one-of-a-kind Glazed Ham scarf with detachable pineapple rings. I’m really proud of this piece, and I hope you love it!


Home is where you hang your Deerhead.

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Hairy hung up our plush deerhead today. We are working on a “kitschy urban forest” theme. Baby steps!

(Sorry if the images cut off. You can click on any of them to see the full picture.)

Hairy also covered a few things in astroturf:



And yeps, that stump and the mushrooms are by My Paper Crane.

This is a commission felt-applique hoodie I made for a boy: It’s a Fire-breathing Wordicorn.


And finally, here is a preview of my real quick Easter eBay. Um, Easter snuck up on me and I had NO idea that it was in MARCH!!! DOH!!!! Anyway, I will post few cute things tomorrow-ish with some Buy It Nows for those who absolutely need things before Easter.


More Bibi on YouTube!

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When a lot of people see Bibi, she is going crazy and acting like a lunatic because she gets excited about seeing people and other dogs. I guess I just also really appreciate how mellow, sweet, and loving she is, which then makes me totally obsessed with filming her when we’re at home.

Here we are from today, after I made mini English Muffin pizzas and after she had a sardine snack. I am sure our breaths were really delicious. For a while she is on my lap, obsessed with eating her own foot. About two minutes in, we hold hands, and then at the end, she tucks in for a napplebee.

I will be posting up some old buttons and tees, and NEW hoodies and SWEATPANTS as soon as I learn how to edit my own webstore :).


Hello hello! x2

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Hi Gang!

I hope you all get a kick out of the new website design. I had a few giggles while drawing it, I must say!

In the past, I had been blogging at Livejournal where you can scroll through some past entries, but I will be updating more right here from here on out!

Here is a pic of some pins/brooches I finished last night and will be posting on the site when it goes up!

And just in case you missed it on LJ, here is a short video clip of the cute astro-turf doggie ramp that my guy Hairy made for our pup Bibi since her little legs were too short for her brand new doggie door!

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