WIWT: We Match The Pumpkin Patch

(Hair clips and stripey glove: my Etsy shop, Dress: Katastrophic Design (worn before in my Final Frontier post), Boots: ModCloth, Cardigan: Target)

I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch in years. I kept begging Manda to go with me this year and wear our pumpkin/Halloween gear, and Sunday was the day!

I’m lucky enough to live nearly next door to this pumpkin patch, and it has tons of pumpkins, a bouncy castle, a bouncy slide, and even a little train that departs every 10 minutes. I thought we would kind of hop in and out of there and then go costume shopping, but we ended up spending over an hour picking our most favorite pumpkins, me trying to talk Manda into buying a giant humongous pumpkin, Manda trying to talk me out of carving and sticking my head in said giant pumpkin like the headless horseman.


 (I don’t know much about Manda’s outfit except her hat and mitts are from my Etsy shop, and her jacket is Material Girl.)

We got quite the response at the patch and were told we were really prepared!

I came home with one small pumpkin and two baby pumpkins, and Manda bougnt like a kabillion pumpkins (but not the one big giant one!). You will see more of our pumpkin shopping in a short video that I will post soon!

11 Comments on “WIWT: We Match The Pumpkin Patch”

  • Jules Chan


    LOL.. well matched : ) Love the bff picture..

  • Sami


    You both look so darn cute!! 😀

  • sylvette


    Cute!!!!! Xoxo

  • Jessica


    Oo! I love the pumkin patch! Its so awesome! Me and my fam all go to a pick your own pumpkin patch. Yours sounds like a lot more fun with the train! Ours has a pumpkin patch. Thats it. Of course it is on a little farm, with piglets and cows and big mean horses, so its a lot of fun. You guys look really cute in your pumpkin gear btw, 🙂

  • Aubree


    This is so cute! I have been dying to go to a pumpkin patch this year since I haven’t been to one in years ^_^ So hopefully I’ll get to go soon.

    My favorite part of this post is Manda’s mits and hat!!


  • Yasmine


    I wish I could smile like Manda!!!!! BEST SMILE EVER!
    XXXX Yasmine

    • TwinkieChan


      Aw, I agree with you! She is a joyful creature.

  • oh good grief ya’ll are too cute! (oops i let some southern slang seep out – apologies!) I love you two together in your outfits and accessories! Great pics! 😀

  • Amoxelle


    Isn’t Manda a teacher? I’ve had one since the beginning in october to teach still life for the entire month.

    • TwinkieChan


      Yep! She is a pre-school teacher.

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