WIWT: If I’m Wearing Leggings as Pants, I’m Probably ill.

I don’t know what it is about me and leggings. I loved them from 3rd grade all the way to 9th grade (“Ummmm, have you ever thought about buying a pair of jeans?” – girl to me in 7th grade). But now, if I wear them, I feel like I’m in sweatpants and look super bad. Like it would be barely ok to go to the grocery store in them, but not like, out with my girlfriends or whatever. Anyway, I am still trying to ditch my cold, and I had to do laundry. Since I did not want to do laundry, I put on the leggings!

Here’s my Sick Girl Secret: underneath, I’m wearing the tshirt I’ve slept in for the past 3 nights because I didn’t feel like changing out of it today. You’re welcome!

Happy Face Sweater: Lazy Oaf (appropriate!), Kitty Leggings: Pretty Snake, Big Giant Black Socks: Sock Dreams, Shoes: Demonia Sprites.

9 Comments on “WIWT: If I’m Wearing Leggings as Pants, I’m Probably ill.”

  • zambicandy


    I LOVE LEGGINGS AS PANTS. You look so adorable. I hope you feel better soon!

    • TwinkieChan


      I think I am ok with it on other people as long as their butt and crotch are covered, otherwise, I feel like they are naked in front of me!

      • THAT is my problem with leggings as pants. you can’t just wear a regular ol tshirt with them! :S

        • Sarah


          I completely agree! I see so many girls at school wearing leggings and a short shirt that doesn’t cover their crotch/butt at all! I hate that look. But you look really cute here — STAMP OF APPROVAL! 😀

  • Laura


    Please, could ypu tell me the name/brand of your haircolor? I think it’s perfect, It’s my favourite one 🙂

  • claire


    At least you look cute when you’re sick!
    When I am I look like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards!

  • How come you still look fabulous, even when you’re sick?

    I have never actually worn leggings. Well, maybe when I was really little, but not since they became trendy again. If I ever tried leggings, they would totally be hot pink and patterned though. =)

    Clothing with faces = awesome.

  • James


    I wear leggings as pants. I don’t see anything wrong with that because wear I live everyone does.

  • Caz


    I have the same relationship with leggings although I think they look super cool on others im not sure I can pull them off! I love your jumper by the way 🙂

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