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There is a ROSS right next to my post office, and I always sort of ignore it. I have nothing against Ross. I grew up shopping at Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, all that stuff. I just always feel like Ross has such LONG LINES!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I went in on a whim to see if I could find props for some photos I had to take.

I FELL IN LOVE WITH ROSS ALL OVER AGAIN. You can get so much great stuff for like 5 bucks. Like this five dollar vinyl table cloth that looks like lace. I BOUGHT TWO. SOLD! My mom said to go back in and buy more!!! (Haven’t done that yet…)

Yep, that’s plastic.

That little pie/cake jug is also from Ross and also five dollars (I think?). The pear was made by my friend Marissa, and the little ceramic lemon is from Williams Sonoma and is supposed to smell like lemons, but it really doesn’t so much. I crocheted the roses for the photoshoot as well and plan to make more to fill that vase!

I don’t know why I am so damn amazed by this vinyl lace stuff, but I just had to share, so you guys can go and run and get your own vinyl lace table cloths! They come in round and rectangular!

Of course, the dining table never stays clear for more than a day. Now it has crap all over it. Such is real life!

(p.s. sorry the table cloth is wrinkly. Not quite sure yet how to iron VINYL.)

14 Comments on “Vinyl & Lace”

  • Kimmi


    Ross can be pretty awesome, I found pink skinny hangers there and it inspired me to toss ALL HANGERS THAT ARE NOT SKINNY PINK ONES.

  • Iron vinyl on low heat with a towel under it and a sheet or a towel over it…

    It’s so cute! You have a magic touch with cuteness!

  • Heather Fantello


    I have vinyl lace place mats and I love them!! I will have to check out the ROSS near me.

  • Karen


    That pear is so CUTE!!! X D

  • Gail Drenzek


    I love the roses, can you share the pattern or tell us where to get it.

  • Knitxcore


    Crap. I need an oblong. Such a cute lil’ tableeeeee ❤

  • Janet Weidner


    I LOVE your blog!! You are too funny & colorful & talented & sweet!!! I bought your pattern book a while back & absolutely LOVE it!! Made all kinds of stuff for my granddaughters middle school fundraiser “TORACON” & made over $300!!! Yes, I did say granddaughter–I am almost 60 yrs. old & think you are the BEST!!! Would LOVE to see you do another book of patterns! =)

  • Melanie


    On a warm day, lay the tablecloth outside. Once it is a bit warm, you just smooth out the wrinkles, et voila! I love this tablecloth! We have a very hysterical green one with roses and butterflies. Changes the whole room!

  • SOOOOO cute! I think Ive been in Ross once, maybe – but guess who will be there as soon as she gets off work today lol! LOVE it! Love it all!

  • Kathryn


    It’s so cute Twinkie, especially the roses! Is there any way you could share the pattern for them?

  • KittyArr


    That looks so nice and fancy, and then u throw your bright colors in there and it makes it perfect!!! Love it!
    My tiny kitchen/dinning room is cupcake/ice cream cone themed with bright pastel colors…

  • I have the same feelings about Ross you do– love it but hate the lines. What is up with those lines!? Everything in there though is a smidge above thrift store prices and it’s brand new.
    That table cloth is SO amazing. I wonder if they have huge ones. I have a huge table.

  • Candy Calavera


    Ughhhhhhhh your home is so amazing! I wish there was like a cafe replica so we could all visit and enjoy the cuteness without being creepers. That is an amazing looking table cover. For some reason I have this odd desire to rip vinyl though :c I would I could crochet one, but just looking at it I can feel the hours it would take to make. The flowers are really amazing. What did you use for stems?

  • Cara


    UH, OMG. SO freaking gorgeous. I need one!!!

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