Crocheted Bento Box #4: Hambearger and Fries

This is my fourth and final bento box lunch that I made for the JapanLA 10th Anniversary party and Super Kawaii Food Art Show! (Box #1, Box #2, Box #3)

I actually had something different planned for my fourth box, but I wanted all the boxes to look cute together as a group, and my initial idea had too much white in it, and I had already made the boiled egg chicks. So the bear hamburger was born!

Burger Bear with Fries. Or Hambearger. (Which name do you like better?)


I was trying to make the burger as thin as possible, but his face is still pretty smushed up against the window. He has a top bun, a meat patty, and a bottom bun.


It actually took me a while to decide on fries. At first I wanted to do tater tots! But I wasn’t sure they’d read well due to not really having a yarn color I loved. I also thought that fruit salad would be cute as a color contrast, but in the end, classic french fries won, and I think they turned out cute!

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12 Replies to “Crocheted Bento Box #4: Hambearger and Fries”

  1. Tanya B says:

    So cute! I adore the fries with eyes!

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      At first I was afraid the eyes wouldn’t fit! Phew!

  2. Charlee Ann says:

    This has to be my favorite so far! It is adorable!! 😀

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      Aw thank you!!! Last-minute decisions sometimes are good ones heheheh

  3. Holly says:

    I hope you are thinking about putting out patterns for your bento box buddies!

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      Definitely some of them in a little mini booklet.

  4. cookielu1999 says:

    IMHO, this is the best one yet. I know you said this is the final one, but a girl can dream, right! These would be freat for another book!!

  5. Tracy says:

    I LOVE your Burger Bear with Fries – I hope you will be selling patterns for all of your boxes, too! ♡

  6. kathy says:

    I’m with the above…….. Please make the patterns so we can buy them! You do such great work.

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      I’m gonna put together a mini booklet, I think, with a few of the patterns.

  7. Tanya B says:

    Off the subject, but I just owe A huge thank you because well our town just got a Walmart and I was able to find everything I need to make the banana split pillow in crochet abode ala mode! Thank you for using yarns that people have easy access to I appreciate that so much. I’m making my swatch right now. I’m so excited because otherwise it would be a three hour trip to get yarn or else I would have to order it online and wait for it to be shipped.

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