Crocheted Bento Box #1: Hot Dog Octopus

I sent in my four pieces for the JapanLA Anniversary and Art Show, and I thought I would share photos of each one every day this week. I’ve always been dying to crochet some bento boxes, and this art show was really the perfect opportunity for it, since the theme is Super Kawaii Food Art.

Kind of a weird thing happened while I was crocheting these boxes. At first I really liked the idea of the food looking back at you, faces and bodies pressed against a plastic window. Then the process became less an aesthetic experience and a little bit more of an emotional one. I kind of joked about it with Manda. I was like, “This is like putting together lunches for my unborn children.” I’m generally pretty sarcastic and I’ve never been much of a kid-person, but the joke came from some place inside me a little bit real. I’m potentially having a lil solo show in September in LA (dates and details and everything are still in the works), and I’ve become obsessed with working on an entire Box Lunch theme, based on lunches I would make for people I love. We’ll see. I’m not usually that sentimental when it comes to my crocheting, but, I really really REALLY loved the experience of making my bentos! I’m usually into creating patterns and pieces that have a function and that don’t just sit around on a shelf, but these were definitely made to simply hang on a wall (even though all the food pieces are all still loose and removable inside) and have no actual use besides cuteness. I suppose a person could turn them into keychains, hair clips, pins, etc, if they felt like it, but I decided to leave them as is.

So here’s the first one. I already showed you guys this one in my blog entry for the art show, but here are more photos of it and more close-ups to start off the week.

HOT DOG OCTOPUS on rice. With broccoli and cherry tomatoes.


8 Comments on “Crocheted Bento Box #1: Hot Dog Octopus”

  • Tanya B


    Oh my gosh I’m in love with this! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Melinda Dickie


    I love these!!! Great job as always, was wondering if you will be putting these bentos in your next book or perhaps coming up with a pattern for them??? Love love love your creativity. I have your second book and as soon as the postal service is restored in our area due to a huge wild forest fire( The Beast). Which caused80,000 of us to evacuate. I will be purchasing the first one. Enjoy your art show.

  • lee


    The octopuses remind me of Gumby and his friends!

  • Carey


    Getting real, Twinkie. That’s when art happens…

  • carol warner


    Will there be pattern!! Hope they are sooo. Cute!

    • TwinkieChan


      There will be patterns for some, but probably not all 🙂

  • Dee


    I love all the Bento boxes. I hope the patterns come out soon but not to soon. I’m working on the doughnut floor pouf. Which is a big hit with the family. The dog thinks it’s her bed. The husband laughs every time he sees it. The son wants me to work faster so I can use it to sit on the floor and play games with him. My son wants to make him the egg and bacon scarf.

    • TwinkieChan


      Awwww I love how the whole family is into it! My dogs are pretty much ignoring the giant donut 😛

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