Would you like to join my group giveaway?

DonutMountainI’ve been totally working on picking up my space and sorting through all the boxes. It feels really good to do this, although, it’s hard to get other work done as well! I’ve been getting obsessed with creating cute little nooks and crannies, and I really want to paint everything, like my shipping-label printer, but I have to remember to just snap some dang photos for this magazine already!!! EEEP!!!

Anyhoo! My group giveaway is launching in 5 days, and it’s not too late for you bloggers and indie biz owners to pick up a medium-sized ad if you’d also like to participate in the giveaway. (You can also grab a large ad, but that spot won’t open up until Sept. 26 since there is only one large spot each month!).

3 Comments on “Would you like to join my group giveaway?”

  • Janet Luttrell


    Love this have one of your books and enjoy all patterns. Thanks for all your patterns.

    • TwinkieChan


      Thanks so much for the support!

      • Janet Luttrell


        Yes I want to join the group giveaway. Always need new pattern and ideas for our grandchildren. Thanks again. Janet

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