WIWT: Polka Dot Zebra Farm Hand

wiwt 3.21.13

Here is the outfit I (sorta) wore yesterday to shoot the jelly bean scarf. I ended up putting on black leggings and my trusty black cowboy boots because I forgot that I hadn’t shaved my legs and couldn’t leave the house in knee-highs!

wiwt 3.21.13a

I also failed to notice that the little flappy thing on top of the bib of the overalls kept sticking out. I am proud to continue my tradition of worst outfit-blogger ever.

I have been really obsessed with getting an overalls-skirt for a while now. I’ve been window shopping on Etsy, but I never find anything that I like that will fit my hips. I have a pair of stripey Osh Kosh overalls that I want to turn into a skirt, but, obviously, that project hasn’t happened yet. So when I saw these overalls on Urban Outfitters, I just kinda went for it. It’s a super easy DIY if you already have overalls, but sometimes I just gotta take it easy on myself with timesuck vs DIY and just buy the darn things. AND I LOVE THEM!

Overalls: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: Forever 21, Socks: Sock Dreams, Shoes: bought them for Halloween on Amazon

5 Comments on “WIWT: Polka Dot Zebra Farm Hand”

    • TwinkieChan


      HAha way cool!!!!!

  • Cecelia


    Super cute!!

  • Sami


    Too cute :3

  • Love it! and LOVE the saddle oxfords – I had pair and I’ve been looking for a red and white or pink and white pair! You are adorbs!

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