Business As Usual

I ended up laying pretty low the past week, recovering from my crochet painting. I made a lot of custom cupcake slouchy hats, one of which is 2-color, which I really like! I know it doesn’t seem like that much more work than a 1-color, but you kinda have to pay attention to maintaining the right tension on both yarns and trying to hide the alternate color as much as possible, slowing down the work. I may start to offer 2-color hats in the shop, but it will unfortunately have to be priced differently to reflect the extra time put into it. It’s cute, though, right?

Last week I also made this custom birthday cake tissue box cozy for a friend of a friend to give to her friend. Her friend doesn’t like fruit, so I used frosting roses to go with the candles. I plan to add birthday cakes to the shop, and also mini bday cake hair clips, bday candle pins, and maybe a hat? I dunno. I just love bday-themed stuff! (Sorry for the crappy photo. I really didn’t have enough time to shoot nicer photos of it before having to pack it up and send it off!)

My immediate goal is to get some new Halloween-themed designs in. More on that soon in the coming week!

7 Comments on “Business As Usual”

  • claire


    I love the colours you used!
    I think mini bday cake hair clips sounds really cute!!
    Looking forward to seeing your Halloween creations

  • Rini Sapphire


    The birthday cake tissue cozy is adorable – you’re so creative! I’m sure the recipient will love it ^_^ I find the candle especially amazing!

    The two color cupcake hat looks great! I don’t doubt that it’s a bit tricky, much like your candy stick wrist warmers. The end result on both look terrific, though šŸ™‚

  • Im hyperventilating over the bday cake! AAHCK! The two tone cuppy is TDF! and all of your ideas sound incred as always and once you whip em out they are always 100 times better than the images my imagination had conjured up – -i cant wait to see!!! EEEEEEK!

  • Jen


    The cupcake hat is adorable! And the birthday cake tissue cozy makes me so happy!! I love it and I can’t wait to see what Halloween items you make. xo

  • oooh GURRRRRLLL!!!

    i have been having Twinkie Chan withdraws since my internet went all funky! halloween stuff would be SO KYOOOOT

  • Lee


    The swirly hat is nicely done!

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