Lovely Day

Sooo one of the secret projects I worked on a little bit ago was for my friends Nara and Liz (Miss Kika). They just got engaged! Nara did a ton of careful planning to make their special day super duper extra specialtacular. He asked me to turn his engagement ring box into a cupcake. Fun, right?? And he also asked all their friends to contribute small video clips to be shown to Liz as part of the whole thing. It’s super sweet. You can’t miss this.

Check out the most awesome engagement video ever!

Here’s some poorly lit photos of the cupcake I made! There’s stuffing on the top for extra poofiness.

Even if you are not about to propose to somebody, I think that making cozies for your ring boxes is a cool way to use them as display pieces and sweeten up your jewelry or makeup tables! I intend to make more in a few varieties and take more inspiration photos for you guys :). Right now, I am at my parents’ house, stealing ring boxes from my mom, since any rings I buy don’t usually come in a fancy box ๐Ÿ˜›

p.s. OH YEAH! Here is the sketch that Nara sent me as a reference!

39 Comments on “Lovely Day”

  • kukubee


    Amazing! What a lovely touch with the cupcake ring box. How incredible to be able to contribute to such a special event! Oh yeah, I’m totally bawling my eyes out. I LOVE proposals!!!!!

  • Love it you should more of this cute things

  • ambar


    That is the cutest thing ever!!

  • Whitney


    I got about halfway through the video before I started sobbing uncontrollably. By the end I was just making weird squeaking sounds.

    How freaking CUTE omg.

  • Maggi


    That was the absolute sweetest thing I have ever since…ever. Congrats to the two of them! And you made the most delicious ring box!

  • OH! WAO that video is so beautiful she is really lucky ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Loulou


    Wow, that is amazing. These are well loved people, that’s for sure!


  • Awwwwwwwww!!!!!! That’s one lucky girl!

  • Cassie


    I am certain that if you got a sweet little ring box like this you would absolutely HAVE to say yes :). It’s beautiful, Twinkie! I adore the video too! Nara and Liz make a wonderful couple!! I hope they have a hundred of years of happiness together <3

  • Janet


    So fun! She is one lucky girl!!!

  • hello_jaime


    i saw this posted from a friend and the first thing i said (after i finished crying from the sheer adorableness of it all) was that i wanted a Twinkie Chan cupcake ring box!!!! i will only say yes if it comes in that box! hahaha! too cute! nice job!!!

    • “i will only say yes if it comes in that box! ”

      AHahahah someone better tell your S.O.!

      • Miss Kika


        hahaha that should be the new slogan for this box!!! Seriously I love it as much as my ring!

  • Emily


    Dude!!! best ring box EVER!

  • cuppy


    OK .. that seriously meriously did me in !!! What a magical, special, wonderful & sweet video !! They both seem like such lovely people & they have smiles that are beyond happy & intoxicating !! I am so glad they found each other !!!!

    p.s. the Twinkie Chan post-it is so awesome !!!!!!

    I LOVE YOU xoxoxoxooxoxox

    • I MISS YOUUUU!!! Sorry I took forever to reply to your comment. My blog was all hacked and re-directy, but I think it’s finally fixed!

      p.s. I am gonna apply to a plush show in Seattle and if I get in, I’ll be seein’ you in October!!! xoxooxox

  • Jaymi


    Love it and the idea behind it! Now, I want a pretty ring box cozy for my wedding ring <3

  • Jules Chan


    Absolutely Fabulous, what a great creation : )

  • What a beautiful proposal, I had tears in my eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the cupcake ring box too.

  • Miss Kika


    Thank you SO much for making such an amazing piece for us Girl!! Seriously, it came out beautiful and you need to start selling these for sure! I have it in my “fancy” glass case on display here to keep it from getting dirty! I’m going to blog about it this week on my thing, so I will upload a bunch of photos of the box and us with it for you to snag if you like, ok? xoxoxoxoxox and you did an amazing job on your video clips, I love the bag one hehe!

  • Karen


    That’s so CUTE!!!

    I bought your book of crochet patterns and have been a fan of your work ever since.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • tetcutiepie


    I have no words… Gotta wipe my tears after that, oh my goodness…!

  • thea


    How incredibly sweet! Its so wonderful to see so much love & creativity!

  • lauren


    That was amazing. Lovely day was our first dance at our wedding…This was the best video ive seen in a long time and now i need to stop crying.

  • Serena


    This is so so sweet, love the video! It is so adorable!

  • Robyn


    Best. Video. Ever.

  • omg!! i love love love this, I’m actually going thru a divorce right now at only 27, so seeing love is a wonderful thing for me right now. yep, I cried a little too, too sweet.



    AAHHH!! Your name is Stephanie Lee?? aww Twinkie Chan you are so adorable!! Thx for posting this, all the guys that proposed out there are gonna feel like A holes compared to this AMAZIng proposal, it was the most beautiful thing ever. I was sobbing!! LOVE IT!! All that time he had to spend doing this, the visual art of him and herw as just AMAZING!! Hes amazing at drawing, and you are AMAZING AT CROCHETING!! Liz is a very lucky lady!!

  • chinamommy


    OH MY!!!! that really is the MOST amazing thing i have ever seen!! what an AMAZING dude he must be!! it’s a good thing i have such a great husband because his proposal seems super crappy now!! Shhhh, don’t tell him! the ring box was just adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hannah


    SO CUTE I can’t even handle that. Totally cried.

  • Anya


    Twinkie, I LOVE this box!! (I’m going to watch the video soon too, but it’s blocked on my work comp—oopsie hehe)! I want to (try) to make a ring box cover too! Could you maybe share some general instructions on how to do it (you don’t have to give out your secret design though!)?? Thanks!

    • Hmm, I’m not sure what advice to offer except to maybe find a pattern for a cupcake plush or amigurumi and fit it to the ring box!

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