Siri, can you make me some toast?

Last night, I switched to the iPhone4s. I had the phone for a while, but I wanted to get a case for it before activating it.

I am still looking for the perfect case, but in the meantime, I’m using this thing that I made on

Do you guys use songs for ringtones?

Mine has been the Wayne’s World theme song for a long time, and I’m feeling like a new one is in order!

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  • Claudieboo


    Waynes world?? What a cracking ringtone!!! Mine is Shonen Knife – Cookie Day at the minute 🙂

    I do like your case.. It’s Awesome!! ^_^

  • tetcutiepie


    Timing is weird or coincidental regarding this!

    The chick that did your donuts/cookies/gingies bracelet I gave to you, JUST started experimenting with phone covers!

    She did one for the iPhone 3g here:

    She’s going to start doing iPhone 4 covers now! She can be found here:

    • Oh yeah! Deco phone covers are really popular! I don’t think I will start doing anything like that any time soon :).

      • tetcutiepie


        She’s the best I’ve seen so far regarding cases like that! Just thought I’d pass the details on, just in case you wanted to one day, get one like that 🙂

        I definitely use songs as ringtones! I usually ‘cheat’ – rather than paying for a ringtone, I rip the chorus of a song with an editing program :p Mine use to be ‘Peacock’ by Katy Perry, now that is specifically for when my husband calls, and my general ringtone is ‘Sheibe’ by Lady Gaga!

  • elaine


    mine is the filipino anthem. lol..

  • Jaci


    What, you’re not using the case Demian made you? 😉

    • I don’t remember getting one from him! I just gave his face to Manda! 😛

      • Jaci


        Oh that’s right! We just got one for Mom and Mandy. Well, just say the word, and YOU TOO could have Demian’s face on your phone! 😀

  • Kimmi


    I can picture you using this as a business phone, answering it “You got Twinkie, go”.

    I used to have a different WWE wrestler’s intro song for my friends ringtones.

  • KatiePerry


    Mine is the Band Perry The Whole world

  • Stephie


    my ring tone is the theme song for the very funny IT Crowd tv show! If you’re interested in having your very own song did you know that The Wiggly Tendrils can make one for you! =D

  • Robby


    I have “Bouncing Off The Walls” by Sugarcult as my ringtone. It fits…trust me!!

  • robin


    Mine is Three Little Birds. Love the new case!

  • Nicolette


    If you can figure out how I suggest the song in the despicable me 2 trailer. It’s just too funny!

    • You can make ringtones in iTunes! I think it costs like a buck or two. It’s pretty cool/handy!

  • Alice


    I have a otter box case it’s amazing, pink and white about $50 but it was so worth it! I use manah manah muppets song as a ringtone and IT’S SO FLUFFY!!! (from despicable me) as my text tone 🙂

  • Moonmist


    Funny, that my ringtone for my husband is the Jack-in-the-Box Mini Sirlon Burger jingle.

  • Candy Calavera


    I use the theme of Sea Lab 2021 cause it’s awesome

  • Meeow


    Wayne’s World is a great ringtone idea 🙂

    Mine is the song Welle:Erdball “Wir sind die Maschinen” and for SMS and emails it is just a screaming woman out of an old b-horrormovie 😀

  • cuppy


    Mine is the theme to Doctor Who. But if Moofs calls it’s a never-ending loop of the very beginning of Safety Dance because it’s bound to annoy EVERYONE around me if I happen to be in public when he calls 🙂

    I MISSES YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

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