I don’t know how to dress for 30 degree weather.

I’m getting ready for a Yummy You! meeting in North Carolina. I’m leaving Monday morning and coming back Thursday evening!

I’ve been prepping a bunch of different things to help facilitate the brainstorming seshes, and I thought I’d share these collages I created to start putting together color stories and to just set an overall FOOD MOOD.

8 Comments on “I don’t know how to dress for 30 degree weather.”

  • Kimmi


    The Carolinas have not been thaaat freezing cold, if that is what your subject is referring to! I’m in central SC and it was 80 degrees the other day!

  • Lauren K.


    Haha twinkie if you stop by Nebraska where I live, you will definately have to dress for 30 degree weather, sometimes colder. I lived in Kansas/Nebraska my whole life and I have always hated the weather extremes…very cold and snowy in the winter…over 100 in the heat of summer plus factor in our humidity and tornadoes…lol I wouldn’t think north Carolina is all that cold since its on the coast…maybe bring a cardigan or light jacket….have fun this week!

  • Maggi


    NC?! That’s where I am! I live around Charlotte and the weather’s not that bad. Chilly at night but pretty fair and warm-ish during the day, you’ll be fine! 😀

    Good luck at your meeting, looks like it will be delicious!

  • amina


    You should stop by NJ!!!!

  • welcome to my world!…I live in en El Salvador and this day have 32 degrees!

  • holy cow bells! you’re coming to my state? im over in the mountains next to TN but the weather has been really nice all winter – just layer up you’ll be fine! It was over 70 here yesterday and normally this time of year its freezing! maybe we’re having such a mild winter is mother nature knew you were coming? lol! i hope the sessions go great! XO

  • Caz


    I LOVE your Food mood boards 😀 amazing!! Hope your trip went well!!

  • Sophia


    I love your food collages… they remind me of TasteSpotting, have you ever been there? So many pictures of pretty food, I can (and have!) spent hours browsing them. :3


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