Yummy Bracelet Sets!

I just added a few super sweet bracelet sets to my Etsy shop. I collaborated on them with my buddy Maddy! I asked her to make me a friendship bracelet some time last year, and then I fell in love with the idea of making bracelet sets with her that people could share with their friends, too!

We didn’t plan out any color schemes or anything. She just sent me a box of adorable friendship bracelets, and all the sets just came together. Magic!

11 Comments on “Yummy Bracelet Sets!”

  • Rachael


    These are so cute! I especially love the Lovehearts Sweets ones, they remind me of blushingly giving a boy a packet of them when I was little!
    Perfect for valentines!

    • I always wondered if anyone liked eating those candies! 😛

  • Cate


    They’re so cute I love the love heart ones xoxo

    • Thank you! Those charms are the bestest!

  • Logan Evans


    They are adorable! But when I went to check them out they were all gone!! 🙁 Will there be more? 😀

    • Hi! Yeah! I had no idea if anyone would actually buy these or not hehehehhe. I actually have two more sets to finish, but Maddy and I will probably make more since they sold so quickly! Let me know if you have favorite color combos!

      • Logan Evans


        Pink and black would be nice. 🙂

  • Marina


    So sweet^-^

  • Maggi


    Those are cute! I used to love making friendship bracelets!

  • Alice


    These bracelets are adorable! I just ordered a hello kitty bracelet making kit from amazon, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • i’m so addicted to friendship bracelets right now!!! i bought a couple rainbow packs of floss and have bookmarked so many patterns, i just need to make time to make them 🙂 takes me back to my elementary days 😀

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