Cuppy & Moofs Get Married

Last weekend, Hairy and I drove to L.A. to celebrate with our friends Cuppy and Moofs. We were very honored to be invited to their magical wedding day (even though we were late because we went to the wrong building first… typical!).

What’s even more magical is that I got to meet Lindsay of KidPirate and Sick for Cute! for the first time in real life after internets-knowing her for years! What’s even MORE magical is that a big ol’ bunch of us went to Disneyland together after the wedding!

Plus we got to have brunchies with the happy honey-mooning couple before we drove home. Yummy foods + wonderful people = pretty much all one needs!

Technology is pretty amazing. We get to find and correspond with people we’d probably never bump into in our normal lives. Getting to take a photo with Cuppy and Linds, together, AT THE SAME TIME, was definitely one for my personal history books! They are both sweet as pie, beautimous, and delightful!

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  • Aww they look like such a happy couple 🙂

  • cuppy


    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was such a beautiful day & filled with everything I wanted & more !!

    I’m so happy that we all got to be together & ride all the rides I wanted ( save for Space Mountain because I’m still not over that !! HA !!! ) & take tons of pictures together & just be AWESOME all in one place!

    You are my beautiful girl & I love you so so so much & having you there was the bestest ever !!

    Thank you for such a sweet & lovely post!



    p.s. I miss you like crazy times now !!!!

    • OMG I already started missing you before we said goodbye!!!

  • Ellyssa


    Congratulations to the happy couple Cuppy and Moofy rofl. It looks like they had a splendid day. I LOVEE the look you wore with the jean shorts and the polka dot pink tights…Your legs look so cute and the minty cardigan. Lol legs can be cute right? Anyways lol I go to alotta wrong buildings for weddings, so I feel your pain…your like “is this the place?” Wait oh it isn’t. Tell cuppy her hair is slamming, and I am lovin this whole braided look on you Twinks!!

    • I was totally joking about going to the wrong building….and then it happened. UGH!!!!! It was avoidable, too. I’m dumb and Hairy is dumb!!! 😛

  • Kymmy


    It was lovely meeting you in person!!! It was a lovely day for Cuppy & Moofs & I’m glad we were all able to share it with them! 🙂

    • It was so super nice to meet you, too! I am happy you said hello!!! 🙂

  • Awww congrats to your friends! And yes I love technology too ♥ It brings people in all types of relationships close together. 🙂

    ~ Kieli ~

  • linds


    yay twinkers!!! i’m happy we got to meet too!! 😀 xoxoxo

  • OMG Lindsay!! Wow flashback. I rock my KidPirate tees all the time.

  • Caz


    It sounds like such a magical day!!!

  • OMG Im a fan of her blog too She is so sweet and lovely congrats. 🙂

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