Valentine’s Day Shop Update: Part One!

Hi! I’m still in LA but trying to get an Etsy update going, too! 😀

I managed to upload some stuff while on my trip. Check out the shop now! I will be uploading a few more surprise treats hopefully on Monday :).

8 Comments on “Valentine’s Day Shop Update: Part One!”

  • Marisa R.


    Those gloves are fantastically awesome! ^_^

  • Lauren K.


    ooo, ooo, ooooo! I am liking everything so far, I think one of those hair bows is calling my name!!

  • Tamz


    Now I know what extra details you were adding to those cute bows you uploaded on Instagram! Very cute.

  • cupcake


    Omg, so in love with that Be Mine banner!

  • Marina


    Super,bows are really cute

  • CC


    That Be Mine banner is so adorable <3

  • Claudieboo


    I Love everything, but I do think I’m going to have to get a hair bow pretty soon! they’re just gorgeous ♥

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