My new favorite website: The Cereal Project!

I bumped into the most awesome website ever just now: THE CEREAL PROJECT. I LOVE CEREAL. I love it with milk. I love it without milk. I love it during the day. I love it at night. Cereal is the perfect food. Right now my favorites are Cap’n Crunch, Honeycomb, Honey Bunches of Oats with Peaches, Cocoa Puffs, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Kix, ok I like a lot of them.

Here is what The Cereal Project is all about:

“The Cereal Project is an ongoing effort to document every breakfast cereal ever produced in the U.S. which has received a near-nationwide distribution. From Granula (not Granola), the first ready-to-eat breakfast cereal ever produced in 1863, to the cereals being introduced to grocery stores as we speak, the Cereal Project aims to present pictures and descriptions of EVERY breakfast cereal including old favorites and failures that have long since been discontinued. So far, we have tracked down over 1,375 different cereals.”

Even the site has an awesome design: it looks like a cereal box!

They offer cereal coupons and also fun stuff like old cereal commercials and make your own cereal box print-outs!

Some cereals I always wish I could have eaten:

Do you have some nostalgic cereal favs?

I was thinking, if I had a cereal, it would be Choco Pup, where the cereal looks like Bibi’s face and tastes like cookies n cream. OR. Yummy YarnBall Crunch, with oversized cereal balls with a yarn ball texture. OR. Very Berry Basket, where the little cereals look like strawberries with green tops. OR…

16 Comments on “My new favorite website: The Cereal Project!”

  • Kimmi


    My friends think I’m nuts for being a cereal lover. Count Chocula was always my favorite but veganism shunned him away from me 🙁
    I was going to recommend the website to you but i remember sending you the effin sandwich in a can from there lol

    • Kimmi


      oh, and oreo O’s are due for a come back, along with pop tarts cereal.

      • GypsyStomp


        Wouldn’t Pop Tart cereal go against your veganism too? Most pop tarts have gelatin in them…which is a very sad thing for my vegetarianism…I miss all those fun cereals with marshmallows too. 🙁

        • Kimmi


          The plain unfrosted pop tarts are vegan. But yes, the cereal probably wouldn’t be either. Doesn’t mean I can’t reminisce.

  • Nikerbocker


    cereal is the best meal ever. cinnamon toast crunch is and always will be my all time favorite cereal. recently though, organic frosted flakes have become a true weakness.

  • Ashley


    Mmm…my favorite cereal when I was little was King Vitaman and Berry Berry Kix! I think I need to go on a quest to find some King Vitaman now. Thanks for sharing this awesome site!!

  • Mary


    @Kimmi I used to *love* Count Chocula cereal too! (Also now a Vegan!)

    Oops All Berries Cap N Crunch, Cinnabunz, Rice Krispie treats cereal, French Toast crunch…original Trix…so many were my faves!

  • Marlee


    Some of my best memories as a child was eating Lucky Charms out of my mom’s fancy coffee mugs. And growing up with a dad who is a cereal lover, it’s hard not to grow up as one too. I LOVE Cookie Crisp, Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, and Raisin Bran. omg, and Holiday Cap’N Crunch with berries. You know, the Christmas one that you can for some reason find at Big Lots during June.
    My mom and I joke that she should have named me Cocoa, because my last name if Poff, so I could be Cocoa Poff *bad cereal humor*

  • Clare


    Cereal in the uk is so boring. It doesn’t really come in many exciting flavours at all. I love lucky charms but you have to buy it from eBay sellers who import it for about £8 a box (about $14). I have serious cereal envy!

  • tetcutiepie


    You know, I use to LOVE cereal! Lucky Charms, Cap’N Crunch, Honey Bunches of Oats, etc! But the UK has sh*t selection of cereal, seriously! I don’t eat cereal anymore necause there’s just not anything like American cereals here 🙁

    My favorite was Kix and Lucky Charms (cause all the rich kids had Lucky Charms, and I wasn’t a rich kid so hardly ever got it!)

  • terry


    I have a huge nostalgia of Lucky Charms. I only ate some when I was spending holydays in the US as a child and there’s none in France.

  • Lauren K.


    the strawberry shortcake cereal looks so yummy! that and the barbie one looks great, now I want to get some yummy fun cereal, reminded me that I am out!

  • Caz


    mmmm strawberry shortcake sound delish!! My afve cerial has always been (and still is) coco pops “i’d rather have a bowl of coco pops” YUM 😀

  • Maggi


    Oh snap, I remember that Strawberry Shortcake cereal!!! I remember begging my mom for Cap’n Crunch when I was a kid but she always said no because it was too much sugar and too expensive. It was one of the first things I bought when I was on my own. LOL

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