My Trip to India! Photos and Video

That looks photoshopped, right?! Best jumping photo ever! Except for worst outfit ever!

I finally made some time to go thru hundreds of photos and to also cobble together a video. Some introductory information: my family had two goals for this trip, 1) to see the Taj Mahal, 2) to stay at the Lake Palace Hotel. The latter is my dad’s request, as the hotel is featured in a James Bond movie, Octopussy! The cities we visited were Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, a stop in the village Shahpura, and then Udaipur. We didn’t really spend any time in modern cities. We visited a LOT of forts. I ate a LOT of curry. Pink hair and tattoos were quite the spectacle there, and locals often asked to take a picture with this weirdo, much to our tour guide’s chagrin, since he was keeping a tight schedule. We were in India for 10 days and drove from city to city in a van. While driving through what we’d think of as a freeway, you often had to be careful of people, cows, and other animals crossing. You use the horn a lot in India, as a way of alerting someone you are passing, as a way of alerting people who are trying to pass you, pretty much just for anything and everything. The people were generally very nice, especially the children, and old men would laugh at the sight of me. In Delhi and Agra, there were lots of wild dogs everywhere, having sun tans, making babies. They were cute. I wanted to adopt all of them. It was good times!

I’m putting the photos behind a cut, because there are a lot. Enjoy!


Here is a quote from Hairy’s blog, “Jama Masjid which is a huge mosque. (Actually it’s the largest mosque in India.) We had to ditch our shoes and the ladies had to rent a huge shawl to cover themselves up with. Our guide told us the mosque basically divides the Hindu and the Muslim part of old Delhi.”


It was a bit sad here in Old Delhi, as there were lots of ladies with infants who would crowd you, asking for money.

Humayun’s Tomb. This sort of set the precedent of the trip for me: humongous buildings and lavish grounds all leading up to a very tiny, unlit room with a tomb in it.

Qutab Minar – The tallest brick minaret in the world, built to symbolize a victory. Apparently you were able to walk up this thing, until a bunch of school kids in the 80s had an accident, fell down, and all died. Here’s a pic of me near the minaret with some school kids who are still alive.

AGRA – Home of the Taj Majal. This is from Hairy’s blog, “What a shit-hole Agra is. Again, I’ve been to a very, very poor country before. I’m not as shocked by extreme poverty as I first was. I understand it’s how most of the world lives and I’m not disparaging them that. What I mean is that once we crossed into the state Uttar Pradesh I noticed that people’s standard of living started to decline and even the already chaotic traffic became utterly chaotic and mass confusion. Of course there was some sort of festival going on that turned a four hour drive into about a seven hour drive. We discovered from our guide that Uttar Pradesh is the most corrupt state in India. Still though, how does the country allow it’s main tourist draw to exist within a giant cess pit?”

Before hitting up the Taj Mahal, we visited Agra Fort. If you watched my video, this is where I was in a small room, and then what seemed like hundreds of school children ran in all saying hello.

Okay, here is the day we went to the Taj Mahal. I should have planned out my outfit better, rather than looking like I’m about to hit up a jazzercise class. At the Taj Mahal, you can hire a photographer to follow you around. He will pose you in fancy poses and make you do stuff like put your arms out in the air and cross your legs like a lady. I have like a dozen photos from this guy, but I wanted to spare you all of that ME. He took the jumping photo from the beginning of my blog entry and also the posed photo of me and Hairy. Yes, Hairy was groaning the whole time. You do not pose Hairy. But if you do go, I would suggest hiring one of these guys. All the lighting in his photos came out pretty good.

After the Taj Mahal, we hit up another fort. Me and my dad, “ANOTHER FORT?!?” Hairy, “*side eye*” because history is awesome. This one is called Fatehpur Sikri, built by a very short raj. My mom and her sisters went, “This is a palace? VERY SMALL!”
This is me, whispering to Hairy while the others  are talking about history, “Take a picture of me really quick! I wanna do something!” Glamour!


Here’s me and Hairy in front of the Palace of a Million Windows.  Okay, just kidding, I looked it up for real and it’s actually called Hawa Mahal, Palace of Winds, and it has 953 windows, not a million.

Here’s me and my mom in front of the Amber Fort. Here’s Hairy’s thoughts on it, “Anyway, we visited the Amber fort which is perched atop a large rocky hill just outside the city. It was quite amazing really and it’s walls reminded me of the Great Wall the way it seemed to flow up and over the hills like a gigantic wave of stone. Since it was up a steep incline, we of course had to do the tourist thing and ride elephants up the hill. I felt awful for doing it. I hate when animals are used in that manner.  I just think it’s utterly demeaning to them. I don’t condone carriage rides through a park and I certainly don’t condone elephant rides. It was getting hot already, and I could sense that our elephant wasn’t loving it either. I had this looming Water for Elephants moment, where I could see our Elephant just saying “ugh, I’ve had it with this shit!” and we end up getting tossed overboard and trampled like a grape in the produce isle. Other than that, the fort itself was amazing.” Our elephant’s name was Takina (I asked), and apparently all the elephants get a rest during mid-day when it gets really hot.


I don’t really remember what this is. We just drove by it and the tour guide asked if we wanted to jump out and take some pics. *edit* My dad said this was Jai Mahal Lake Palace in Jaipur.


Also I have no recollection of where this photo came from, but  I remember thinking it was really cool that these pigeons were taking residence in a fancy chandelier. *Edit* Hairy says this is from Jaipur City Palace, built by a very fat raj, and they have his very giant pants on display.


In Jaipur, we also visited a bazaar, but I didn’t take many photos or videos. It was super duper hot, and the shopkeepers were all super duper aggro, calling you in to check out their goods. All the shopkeepers were men, and as a lady, I’m just not really down with being harangued that much by dudes. Also I am sure they are used to seeing ladies more covered up than strappy babydoll dress, so I covered up and sweat it out while my mom and her sisters attempted to find the perfect bed spreads.


So on the way between Jaipur and Udaipur, we stopped in Shahpura, which is actually a tiny village, where village life gets real. It’s also the location of a royal summer palace, Shahpura Bagh, which we stayed at and has partially become a B&B. They make good use of their happy face press, as we had happy cookies with afternoon tea, and then also, happy face potatoes for breakfast the next day. The food was really good here! In the evening, we walked around the village, where the ladies haggled over bags of spices to take home. There were tons of animals wandering around everywhere, cows eating paper on the side of the road, wild pigs eating garbage in a ditch. All the village kids wanted to have a chat and were super nice. At the palace, Hairy found a brochure about the village, which asked us to kindly not give the children any candy or PENS. There is a lot more footage of Shahpura in the video




I would say that this is were the vacay got really posh. We stayed at one palace one night, and then at my dad’s dreamy Lake Palace Hotel the second night. Here’s m eating a giant sammich with tea. On this first day in Udaipur, the ladies, Hairy, and I hopped into a cab in search of pashminas. This led to some scary “Where the eff are we?” moments, but ultimate success in the pashmina department. In the cab, we weren’t sure if the cabbie was going to drive us to our doom. My mom and her sisters kept talking in chinese, “Are you scared?” “I’m not scared!” “Stop being scared.” “I’m not scared. It’s just a hassle.” It’s just a hassle, if we become victims of human trafficking.

To get to the Lake Palace Hotel, you need to get on a boat. And you need to put on your fancy life vest.

Okay, I have no idea what this is, but it was a temple, and at the temples, you have to take off your shoes AND your socks, which my mom and her sisters were not very down with for sanitary reasons, so we didn’t go inside. *Edit* My dad says this is Jagdish Temple.

And finally, this was our trusty van for the entire duration of our journey. Thanks, van!


p.s. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of food. But seriously, if you go order some Indian food in your ‘hood, it’s going to look just about the same, and we didn’t eat anything weird like monkey brains or eyeball soup.

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  • Lauren K.


    wow! loved seeing these pictures! I enjoyed reading this post!

    • Yay! thanks for checking it out !:)

  • awesome post! what a fantastic trip! I’m glad you posted so many pictures!!!

    • there were mooooore way moooooooore!! heheh

  • Emily


    It took me a while but I got through them all!

    Lovely pictures, sounds like it was a really interesting trip. I actually think the shawl really suits you 😛

    • I think the part that bugged me about it was wondering who else had been wearing it…

  • MaDonna


    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL! I love it, but I’m glad you had a big group. I really like the idea of India, but it kind of makes me nervous, too. I’m glad you had fun!

    • IT’s kind of interesting, because in the more rural areas, the women stay home and take care of home business, so it’s mostly men out and about. Really weird!

  • I loved reading this! Thanks for sharing your photos. 🙂

  • Cate


    Love your photos everything looks so pretty and it seems like you had a really fun trip <3

    My dad has actually been working out in India for the past few years although he doesn't really get much further than his office in Mumbai (although he used to work in Delhi and saw a lot of forts around there XD) and he says the poverty in India is like no other place and he's "living with the locals" TBH as pretty as it all looks I'd doubt I'd survive a day in India after what he's told me for starters I can't eat curry at all it makes me sick and I'm a clean freak so the sight of anybody pooping in the street is likely to put me on the first plane home! That being said one day I would like to go just to see the Taj Mahal and experience it even if I have to live on a diet of chapatis while I'm out there LOL

    • Yeah I didn’t see any people pooping in the street, but everything is very dusty and there is animal poop in some places.

  • I truly thought that jumping photo was photoshopped! Wow!!

    Looks like you guys had such a good time! I can totally relate to the strangers asking for photos thing- my husband and I have been stopped numerous times to take photos with people. I’m thinking it’s the mohawks that intrigue people 😉 I always wonder how many random scrapbooks across America we’re in, haha 😛

    • Yeah, there are the people who ask, and then there are the countless others who just snap cell phone photos without asking at all hehe.

  • Cassie


    Twinkie, you are one of the cutest people in existance. I adore your super cute pictures and I loved reading about your India adventure <3

    • Aw, Cassie, you are super sweet. Thanks for reading!

  • Helen


    Thanks for the pictures. I love looking at other people’s holiday snaps. I am curious though, you mentioned Hairy’s blog quite a bit, what is the URL?
    xXx Helen

  • CoffeeCups


    AAH! I wanna know Where did you get that Maxi Dress with the strawberries? I can’t believe you wore that orange dress without jeans!! baby steps, Twinkie hehe! omg and I BET YOU WERE SO HOT by the Bazaar, and I hope you upload the video I really wanna see the lil village children reaction to Twinkie chan!! and did you really get thrown off by the elephant? 😀 could u understand a word they said? The food sounds interesting, and INdia looked very beautiful and I probably would of fell asleep from all the driving in ur trusty van!! 😀 sorry ALOTTA WORDS!! 😀

    • Hi! Actually I wear the dress with knee highs a lot 😛 . I just probably wouldn’t do that while traveling around a third world country in a van hehe.
      No, I don’t understand a word of Hindi 😛 and we didn’t get thrown off an elephant, although the thing we were sitting in felt very unstable and the guy kept trying to tell us how to sit in it properly. The video is up now! 🙂

  • Floralfawn


    Thanks for sharing, this was very interesting to read! I really want to go to India someday. Did you ever get sick while you were there? Your pictures look awesome, and the temples are so pretty.

    • We were lucky in that none of us got tummy sick. But I think that had a lot to do with the fact that we had a tourguide and took us to all the places geared toward tourists. NOt sure how authentic our food was , but at least everyone stayed healthy!

  • Matt



    The fancy pigeons on the chandelier was at the Jaipur City Palace. Remember? It was kind of a let down as far as palaces go. But, we got to see that one emperor’s gigantic pants. So it ended up being kind of a win.

  • arinn


    ok, i read the whole thing and your trip sounds really fun! BUT i just wanted to say that the jumping photo is bitchin’

    • The photog did a good job. He only took 2 shots!

      • arinn


        OR you’re really good at jumping.

  • awesome!!! I’m going to London and Paris in september and this just gets me more excited. sidenote, the dress i made, made it to india…exciting/~!!

    • Oh I love London. It’s my favorite!

  • Looked like a really fun trip. I’ve always wanted to see India. Thanks for putting up the show, it was great. My favi pic is the one with you in your robe thingy. The face you made was funny in an adorable way : ) I wonder where you’ll end up next??

    • I’ll be back in Disneyland in a week! For a friend’s wedding!

  • Lee


    The unknown building in the middle of the lake is the Jai Mahal Lake Palace in Jaipur.

  • dee


    Great pictures! Happy lunar new year!

  • Super!! I love that strawberry maxi dress <3

  • Joelle


    i loooove that dress with the strawberryies. did you make it???

    • Nope! I don’t know how to sew. I bought it on Etsy!

  • Jules Chan


    Thanks for sharing, great pics : )

  • Lee


    The unknown temple where you have to go barefoot is the Jagdish Temple.

    • Ok thank you! I will put all these places back in my post hehe

  • Coco


    How on earth do you jump so high? I just don’t get how ur jumps are so epic.

    • It’s all about bending your knees to give the shot more action, and also the photographer should be shooting from below you 🙂

  • Coco


    Oh yeah where did u get the dress with the strawberries, or do u not remember?

    • I got it randomly on Etsy, so not sure where you could find it!

  • Ellyssarunner


    So cute, the village children are like hi hi hi, did you talk to them at all or do they only speak Indian. I spot the orange polka dot dress u wore with ur bacon and eggs scarf in ur fabulous book! It’s a classic Twinkie dress.

    • A lot of the knew how to say, “What’s your name?” Others knew more english than others. When we were at another tourist site, one of kids who was a shop vendor said that he knew like 5 different languages!

  • Lee


    Seems that a lot of your readers like the strawberry dress.

  • Caz


    what an amazing trip 🙂 would you recommend going??

  • Ellyssa


    The Jagdish temple looks interesting, haha I love the pic where your standing there barefoot. I am not sure If I would wanna go to India, the poverty would probably depress me. Those poor children!! Did that lady ask you for money with the infant??

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